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The Scariest Thing about Brussels is Our Reaction To It


The Scariest Thing about Brussels is Our Reaction To It

Simon Jenkins

hink like the enemy. Let’s suppose I am an Islamic State terrorist. I don’t do bombs or bullets. I leave the dirty work to the crazies in the basement. My job is what happens next. It is to turn carnage into consequences, body parts into politics. I am a consultant terrorist. I wear a suit, not explosives. A blood-stained concourse is a means to an end. The end is power.


Good article. Kind of reminds me of the Shock Doctrine.

" The menace to the terror in Brussels lies not in the terror, but in the reaction to that terror. It is the reaction we should fear."


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Reminds me of a very instructive Chinese saying:
“Plant melons, get melons.
Plant beans, get beans.”


I’m surprised you term this a “great article” since it just repeats Official Narratives including the one pertaining to 911. Seems I recall that you are one of a handful of posters brave and brazen enough not to swallow that False Narrative. Since Simon Jenkins does, under the guise of telling everyone all this terrorism stuff is over-rated (and adding how it’s being used by leaders, predictably, to curtain civil liberties), he’s also reinforcing Official Narratives.


My guess is that when the majority of people leave the tv on, “for noise”, their collective brain can’t seperate this real lif happening from one of the cheap tv shows showing the fictional equivelant… just more noise. To sit as I did Tuesday afternoon watching France 24 on the 'net as it provided a live feed from Brussels was hardly entertainment but objective journalism sadly missng here in this never ending “war on terror” driven US.


The fascist monstrosity of Amerika is driven by fear, xenophobia and racism. Fortunately, Europeans are not Americans. They have learned the hard way about the costs of war and realities of the nonsense that passes for politics here.


Actually the reaction itself is one of the things that points to a possible sinister larger design at the state and ultra-state level in these events. Remember the European, and specifically French, reaction to the 9/11 attacks, which were far deadlier than Brussels and Paris? The Euros mocked the Americans’ calls for war, saying, quite rightly: How can you make war on terrorism, which is merely a tactic? The French proudly said they’d been dealing with such things for many decades and knew how to keep a cool head under fire. No more. Now you really can say: “Nous sommes tous américains.” But why? Why has the warring construct been imposed on the Europeans by their leaders? The answer is right in front of us: Because the Europeans–French, Belgians, Brits, and, to a lesser extent, the Italians and Germans–have for some time now also been part of the neocon plan to remake the Muslim world. And this is the price we must pay for the fatcats to have their slice of the geopolitical pie.


This article is more hysterical and over the top and full of ‘idiocy’ in it’s reaction to how countries in the EU have so far responded to these atrocities (quite measuredly all things considered) than was actually, really present in that response, making the writer even more guilty of the qualities he’s accusing others of. It looks like a case of monkey see, monkey do, when it came to writing this aticle.


Not so, Hobgoblin. The French state of emergency, with its concomitant suspension of civil rights, persists, with no end in sight. The hysteria saturates the airwaves here (I live in France). It’s a lot like post 9/11 (when I still lived in the US), fifteen years later. Unbearable.


Yes, the French state of emergency still exists, (but if it didn’t and something happened, then the government would be blamed for lifting it, so it’s debatable, a matter of opinion, how long it should last) but what else, in real terms, other than media doing what media does- be sensationalist to sell their product and make money,-has happened? I live in Europe too, just an hour ago I was at at a tram stop next to women in Hijabs, no one said anything to them, no one attacked them, I don’t see their mosques on fire and people rioting, so where, other than in the mad media, which is always mad, have you seen real tangible hysterical reactions and real legislation passed that is in keeping with this article’s premise? This article is full of twisted facts and misinfromation.