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The Scary New Math of Factory Farm Waste

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/20/scary-new-math-factory-farm-waste

WATER is LIFE, and everyone knows this, but corporations don’t see life, they see dollar signs. I wonder what these people eat? Do they eat their own produced hogs, cows chickens and turkeys? Or do they receive food from their private and pristine farms and gardens?
Well, future terrorists upon America, you really don’t need to do anything and America will fall. It’s falling right now, with poisoned and infected water, contaminated meat, missing bees, and ruined topsoil.
Don’t worry—another 5 years of this and Americans will be like the Romans, who loved lead as much as corporations love their money---- Lead was an everyday killer, in bowls, glasses, and even baby toys-----Like Rome , America is poisoning itself----don’t worry, you can already see the effects of the insane thinking of the White House and the military
Yes, WATER IS LIFE—but for some it’s a slow, agonizing death, when scary farm waste appears!

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If we don’t know sh t, we can’t do nothin’ about it

I offer you some information


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It’s great to see more methods to monitor these places.

Properly done agriculture can recycle its waste, mostly as fertilizer, because many species of plants and animals are grown more or less together in what amounts to a somewhat managed ecosystem that incorporates production for humans.

A small part of the subsidy given large factory operations could set this sort of thing up pretty quickly.

There will be a learning curve and transition issues, but nothing’s gained by tearing things up for another few years before starting.


Thank you kindly, Mary

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thank you so much!

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