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The Schools Betsy DeVos Wants Parents To Choose


The Schools Betsy DeVos Wants Parents To Choose

Jeff Bryant

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos finally found a public school she could visit where there wouldn’t be protests. It’s on a military base, safely inside the compound of Ft. Bragg in North Carolina.


Gee, what a surprise she would pick one in the la la South.


Private for profit schools should NEVER get tax payer funding. It is I believe against public law.


...Betsy DeVos wants parents to choose: schools that she and her wealthy peers can profit from at the expense of our children and their parents leaving public schools to be put up for auction (buildings and land) to the highest bidder. To hell with having free and ready access to PUBLIC EDUCATION...what a Be-AHtch. (Yeah, a "public" school on a military base...like there would be protesters to rattle her cage or anyone would say or do anything to cause a commotion.)

The Trump Trash Tribe marches jackbooting each and everyday kicking/stomping/grinding down everyone who gets in their way.