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The Science Is Clear: Our 'Masks for All' Plan Will Save Lives

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/04/science-clear-our-masks-all-plan-will-save-lives


Bernie had his chance - twice actually - not interested.


“the Trump administration (is) incapable of acting in a competent and scientific manner, Congress—in a non-partisan way—must take the lead.” - but will not.

" It is beyond comprehension that in the wealthiest nation on Earth, doctors and nurses continue to lack enough high quality personal protective equipment they need to protect their lives and their patients." – Bernie Sanders


Sorry, my previous comment was victim of SNAFU and was a generic comment not related to you.

This one however is. What on earth or reason does your comment have to do with Bernie’s attempted legislation to protect people - especially seniors like me where idiots and other children will bring Covid home to infect and perhaps kill? Inquiring minds want to know.

The constant bashing of Sanders ignoring the true enemies is beyond reason - he is not the fuckin enemy Michael. The knee-jerk sanders critics have become very tiresome and destructive IMO, and some at least (not you), perhaps trump/Republicon trolls provocateurs peddling division and doubt.

How about focus on those that actually are enemies and threaten our republic and people?


Bernie stands up for the American people with another critical piece of legislation. Don’t ever think that he is not compassionate and sincere in his actions and thoughts. A gem of a human, peace


Meanwhile you have the anti-maskers in Wisconsin protesting wearing masks like they did the shutdowns. They claim they’re not against wearing masks but they don’t think the government has the right to make them wear them. I suppose if you follow their logic the government also doesn’t have the right to tell us how fast we can drive our cars or when we should stop them.


Perhaps sending everyone three masks might convince a few people to start wearing them but I suspect most of the anti-maskers are so entrenched in their commitment to not wearing masks that it won’t make a difference. They would probably die of covid-19 rather than admit they were wrong.

Since we can rarely count on trump to do the right thing he might not even sign off on this order anyway. I know there are a lot of people making masks and donating them to hospitals already, so another idea might be to have some sort of national plan for local governments to have collections sites for cloth masks to be donated to and then distributed to people that really need them and are willing to wear them. I don’t know how the logistics of this would be worked out, but it’s just a thought I had if Bernie’s plan fails.


People are scratching their heads wondering what to make of Bernie Sanders. Some argue that he could not have been a knowing sheepdog, because why would be put himself through an exhausting schedule of rallies, sometimes three in a day, or return to campaigning after his heart attach and stent.

One explanation is that he is an honest agent for change who, while not necessarily thinking that he had a chance to win, sought to bring long-needed ideas, critiques and proposals before the public. But if that is the case, he misled his supporters by repeatedly telling them that he was in it to win it, and then going on to disregard red flags signalling cheating by the DNC on a mass scale (the discrepancy between exit polls and results in 2016, the strange fate of the provisional ballots in California, etc.)

Another explanation is that Bernie actively colluded with the DNC to make it appear that the primary election was genuinely contested and that progressives had a place in the Party. If that is the case, Bernie’s behavior was dishonest and may have been motivated by a number of factors:

  1. He or his wife may have been caught in a tax embarrassment (the allegations about Burlington College, etc.) and this is a way of keeping them under the rug
  2. He or his family may have been threatened
  3. He genuinely likes his “good friends” and perquisites in the Senate and D.C. and doesn’t want to risk losing them / doesn’t want to end up as an outcast like Ralph Nader

Over the two campaigns, 2016 and 2020, his speeches were almost identical, he did not go off message. The whole thing felt incredibly scripted. He did not look as though he was enjoying the enthusiasm of the crowds. He couldn’t wait to leave the stage, and walked down the stairs always with his head down. His “not me, us” message was contradicted by the authoritarian nature of his campaign itself (see Status Coup interview with Shana East, for one) and for all his talk about “Our Revolution,” he kept Nina Turner on a short leash and never created a local branches that were community based and could exist apart from the political campaign. Early on, I sensed bad faith. He was trying (under orders?) not to let the movement get out of hand.

He could have been much more effective had he connected the dots more, spoken more extemporaneously, linked his basic critiques to events that were occurring in real time. And, of course, challenged the corporate media and the Democratic Party leadership.

Perhaps he was honest – who knows? – and tried his best (although sometimes misguidedly) but If that is so, he should make an attempt to explain himself. Otherwise, many will think the worst.


2 Oxford epidemiologists on masks.

  • Tom Jefferson: “Aside from people who are exposed on the front lines, there is no evidence that masks make any difference, but what’s even more extraordinary is the uncertainty: we don’t know if these things make any difference…. We should have done randomized control trials in February, March and April but not anymore because viral circulation is low and we will need huge number of enrollees to show whether there was any difference”.
  • Carl Heneghan: “By all means people can wear masks but they can’t say it’s an evidence-based decision… there is a real separation between an evidence-based decision and the opaque term that ‘we are being led by the science’, which isn’t the evidence”.
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True . . . I know I am!
I really appreciate your explorations/questions regarding what is going on internally with Sanders.

He left many (including me) completely bewildered, disappointed, angry, resentful etc. etc. when he bowed out so quickly (both times) and then backed the candidate for the 1% that he railed against.

The fact that we haven’t a clue regarding what he is thinking; why he ran, why he withdrew when he did, how he could call Joe Biden a “friend” and more is so disheartening and disturbing on many levels.

One of the things I wanted to believe about Sanders was —“what you see is what you get”.

Yikes, was I off base there.

Turns out that we do not know who he really is, what he is thinking and THAT is a problem.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a leader that is transparent?

To understand . . really know where they are coming from, why they are doing what they are doing and know----- based on their actions---- that they will go to the mat for the people that are backing them?

That was the biggest disappointment for me—the reality that I don’t understand how he could say one thing and do another and ask others to do the same!

The fact that you see “people scratching their heads wondering what to make of Bernie Sanders”---- sadly—speaks volumes.

We need massive change. The change will take leadership. We must understand the leader and not just blindly follow-----we MUST “know what to make of them”.

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“Bernie’s” revolution (the progressive surge) came too close to succeeding. The huge numbers of passionate supporters who were an actual vehicle for medicare for all (Jimmy Dore’s got your number on that one Bernie) scared the shit out of the establishment. His revolution was never meant to succeed. The way that he LAID down and HANDED OVER everything (disenfranchising all the supporters who put so much time and money into him), and the way he cast off his campaign volunteers and continues to ignore those extremely competent and brilliant people, taking his directives from the likes of FUCKING Bloomberg and supporting a monster like FUCKING Joe Biden AFTER the BLATANT election fraud that was perpetrated by the unDemocratic party, is undeniable complicity.
Screw your Masks4All BS Bernie. It should have been, COULD have been Medicare4All, but you willingly drove that into a ditch.
Anyone who is perplexed by his behavior is in denial.

Perhaps the Far Right’s reluctance to wear masks was egged on by Trump’s “China, China, China” chants.

For it was a Southeast Asian-born Chinaman, Dr Wu Lien-teh, who in a 1910 plague in Manchuria invented a mask with a protective gauze bandage containing cotton wool to prevent human to human pathogen transmission. Dr. Wu, who conducted post-mortem to reveal the organism Yersinia pestis, also advised the authorities to cancel all rail transport in and out of Manchuria.

Touted by Dr Wu as an anti-plague device, it’s today known as the origin of the K95 mask

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I am still a supporter and believe, but I cannot disagree with you. Course we could just be seeing the effects of Bernie talking into the air for so many years. I do not blame him for being tired, jaded, and quite annoyed.

I still feel the Bern.Voting for Biden or Trump just isn’t in the cards for me.As for those who don’t want to be told to wear a mask, is it involuntary manslaughter or manslaughter.

Hi CriticaIThinker:
There are so few honest politicians---- perhaps you find that having so few makes having any impossible. However, I beIieve in Bernie and the Squad, and—if America doesn’t take care it can sIip side away so easily.
My -favorite part of the 2016 campaign was when Berne was in Oregon and while he was speaking in that giant stadium, a IittIe bird few up to the lectern, and sat and Listened-------even Nature is impressed with Bernie. That was a wonderful moment for those who find soIace in signs—but for those of us who beIieve in Nature---- it was a defining moment! : )

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Every time I see evidence of Bernie’s work, be it legislation or written communication with the people of this country, I see that there is a gap—the one that should be filled by Joe Biden. I am aggrieved that Bernie, who never stopped working for us even after he was railroaded out of the race by the DNC’s slimy tricks, has been supplanted by this guy just coasting along. It’s a shame that Biden is the recipient of the benefits from our hatred for Trump. Thank you, Bernie, we do need masks for all–and a way to make people wear them.

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Masks will not prevent the infection for the docs and nurses who take care of the infected for hours in a single day, they need higher level of protection.
But for others, masks make difference. In China, there was report of infection by just encountering an infected patient in a close corridor for less than 1 minute without a mask.
Had his/her mask on the face, the infection of the unfortunate former person could be avoided.

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And the World Health Organisation does not even include masks on their list of preventative measures.


Don’t listen to me. Look for yourself. The Science Is FAR FROM CLEAR because no controlled studies can be taken for the public.

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americas frontline doctor summit .com ( run words together )

excellent pdf and reference citations for what works
Safe underutilized modalities keeping patients alive and off ventilators

Also, quercetin works as a zinc ionophore, like hydroxychloroquine, opening the cell channel to let zinc go to work.
Quercetin is available over the counter.

Get a vitamin D3 lab test to see where your D levels fall on the reference chart. Individuals differ; you may be low and not know it.
Stay well, help others

There is an easy fix to the wearing masks problem. Tell Trump supporters they aren’t allowed to wear masks. Only Biden supporters are allowed to wear masks. Then watch the Trumpsters show us we can’t tell them what to do by wearing masks 24 hours per day.