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'The Science Is Screaming': UN Report Warns Only Rapid and Transformational Action Can Stave Off Global Climate Disaster

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/26/science-screaming-un-report-warns-only-rapid-and-transformational-action-can-stave


I wish this were the whole truth…go here, read pages 12 through 15 and get a bigger picture, a bigger part of the truth…


My personal refuge from all the screaming is a discipline I think of as critical pedagogy – no, I’m not a teacher, except of myself, struggling for years to saw through layers of intentional and accidental distortions. I’d like to cut it out, to discover the where-and-when of the point in history I stand upon. The best handsaw I’ve found for that purpose is critical pedagogy.

Much science, especially anything connected with a government (or intergovernmental) agency, is skewed in favor of those footing the utility bills for the laboratory, etc. This is nearly across-the-board in USA, part of regulatory capture (of USDA, EPA, FDA, FAA, &c.) But I still trust the data, particularly atmospheric and oceanic data, because the people looking after it practically worship the sanctity of data. You couldn’t look yourself in the mirror and call yourself a scientist if you allowed distortions to touch the observational data.

So that’s what I watch, for decades, particularly the past couple of years. From that focus, a working hypothesis takes shape whether or not I want one: My impression is that it’s all about the Arctic icecap, because the novelty of more open water all around the icecap, throughout the year, is a radical transformation – a phase-shift to unknowable future oscillations – of the global climate system, now under way (not impending in another 11 or 12 years).

That’s my hunch. Ceaselessly bizarre weather, especially in the Northern hemisphere (e.g. Dorian the stationary hurricane) is closely tied to the interaction of Arctic open water with atmospheric vortices. My beloved guru Harry Wexler explains why: “The atmosphere is indivisible.”


More preaching to the CD choir I’m afraid. Nearly every commenter on this site is more than aware of the coming tribulations of global warming.
However, when one matriculates over to a conservative site, or talks to a fundamentalist Christian, you would swear that it’s not happening at all, or that it is indeed happening, but it’s Gods will so it’s OK.
And there will be no convincing these people otherwise. While we KNOW the earth is warming, they BELIEVE it isn’t, or that it should be as part of the coming “revelation”. And as we know, if someone BELIEVES something, it’s almost impossible to change their mind.


And meanwhile the world’s economies scream, and billions die of sickness and starvation and war, but the stock market is rising and all that screaming is good for the economy.


This is Humanity’s number One mistake, thinking and believing in the separation of themselves and the divine , or God which I call Life .

They believe that it’s the Will of God if it is happening ,so justifying their inaction and responsibility to the Earth and the speciesystem.
But the greater truth is God’s will is your will which is infact free will.We get to decide our own future it’s called concious evolution .
Not to decide is to decide .
Best to create society based on your highest spiritual values not organised religions which holds ideas from a very narrow spectrum and do not represent humanity as a whole .
Its a question of what functions not morality.
What works for the highest good of all and a viable future .
We must challenge these old teachings ,they are unworkable and must be transcended.


In Spain this morning the temperature was 19degs c at 10am inland from the coast:

Those pesky climate radicals had the audacity to crash a Harvard/Yale football game the other day. They were arrested and wisked away (out of site - out of mind). I don’t know who won the game but it sure was not the earth. Fools will never acknowledge what is happening, drink and be merry and buy a lot of stuff so the economy will thrive is all that matters.


Reminds me of the old middle-school science experiment with the glass of ice water and thermometer. The temperature of the water stays relatively consistent until the ice melts. Once the ice is gone, the water temperature spikes very quickly to room temperature. The Arctic sea ice is no different as the laws of physics do not deviate, as you know. Once it’s gone, we will witness a global temperature spike and worsening climate chaos on steroids, never seen before by humanity. This is why I foresee human extinction sometime this century.


Arctic temps have already spiked relative to the rest of the planet.
Still going up, too.
To all of those denialists out there, I chuckle and say: “See you in hell.”


Is this the Ghost Dance?

We find ourselves with a global “leadership” in too many places dancing around the existential threat to us all. They have all become death as they attempt to impose their mad artifice on Life.


From the link “3.9 deg C” - a well done summary by the Washington Post:

Global temperatures are on pace to rise as much as 3.9 degrees Celsius (7 degrees Fahrenheit) by the end of the century, according to the United Nations’ annual “emissions gap” report…

Global greenhouse gas emissions must begin falling by 7.6 percent each year beginning 2020 — a rate currently nowhere in sight — to meet the most ambitious aims of the Paris climate accord…

Global emissions have risen about 1.5 percent annually on average over the past decade…

To hit the more ambitious target of no more than 1.5 degrees of warming, they found, nations would need to ramp up their pledges fivefold…

“There is no sign of a slowdown, let alone a decline, in greenhouse gases concentration in the atmosphere despite all the commitments under the Paris Agreement," WMO Secretary General Petteri Taalas said in an announcement, noting that the last time the Earth experienced comparable CO2 concentrations, “sea level was 10 to 20 meters higher than now.”


COP 25 upcoming - a joke or a hope ?


“Rapid and Transformational Action” without naming those actions and getting quite specific with the details is just wrong.

We need properly vetted, merit-based R&D to pull better inventions large and small with obvious merit through the valley of death, so that we ourselves aren’t stuck in some valley of death some day.

We need to say to our universities, your love of giving lots of R&D help to vastly wealthy corporations is interesting but in terms of the climate emergency it’s the road to death. What you are doing isn’t good enough. The world has determined that your two-faced dance lacks academic integrity, and professors and administrators who are short on integrity shall be held accountable for their being bad actors.

Our target timeline is 5 years to 20 years down the road. We need work in the following fields:

Displacement of fossil fuels, and the more gigatons the better.

Enhancing agriculture-based carbon sequestration in many biomes.

Reduction of point-source emissions of methane and nitrogen dioxide, which can be transformed into less potent gases.

Refreezing the Arctic and polar regions, so that we don’t have an Arctic meltdown releasing 1.7 teratons of greenhouse gases.

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Disaster for humans will arrive centuries before the ice is gone.

Thank you. As I see it this dance was cry to restore balance. We are not in balance but it is up to each one of us to put out there images of love, beauty and harmony to restore what is out of balance. We must become a tidal wave in doing this and we need to act on what we want to bring into our world.


We have until 2025 to stabilize greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, after that it will be too late to stop.

The worst thing you can do now is have children, unless you don’t mind telling them that they will have a very short lifespan or live in misery for most of their life. Unfortunately, most people ignore all the warnings as long as their life in the present time is cushy, their bellies are full, and they have plenty of fun activities to keep them occupied.


Ms Thundberg may be there, fates willing - that will be different.

I think the talks are the way we do things - all to the good.

Actions will come, eventually, but the weight of the IPCC and the COP talks are more than significant, they are essential.

First Trump must go - then Bernie or someone with his agenda must prevail - then the United States must lead.

Make it so my American friends, and I will do what little I can here in Canada.

Maybe the opposite - the dead want rebirth as the earth … lost balance

"So like a wild hurricane
I will dance on the grave
Of my race that died
When it should have been saved

American ghost dance…
(Red Hot Chili Peppers)