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'The Science Should Not Stand in the Way' of Reopening US Schools, Says White House Press Secretary

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/16/science-should-not-stand-way-reopening-us-schools-says-white-house-press-secretary

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Why can’t all these lying Christian Fundie Troglodytes just kill themselves so they can go straight to their wonderful happy heaven in the sky and leave the rest of us who wish to live in reality alone? Because they actually don’t believe in any of it and only believe in amassing artificial wealth by stealing it from the rest of us. I wish they would all drop dead and leave us alone. Fuck you assholes.


I see the ‘never lie to you’ is going well then.


Of course we are at war with Eastasia. We have always been at war with Eastasia.
There, I fixed it for you, White House Skipper (I call her Skipper because no matter how hard she tries, she’ll never be a Barbie)


There is a Blond joke in there somewhere. But I’m not going there


Any question about why I’ve nicknamed her “McInanity?”


Oh, c’mon, killing themselves would erase all the fun they’re having telling the rest of us what to do…

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Geez, other nations that are considering reopening schools do so because they have managed to contain the spread of the COVID virus. Science has told them that once the spread of COVID contained it can be safe to open schools but that they must be closely monitored for further outbreaks.

The US is seeing 60000 new infections a day. This is not Norway at 10 a day and Denmark at 30.

Even adjusted for population size Denmark would seeing 1600 infections if they had 320 million people as opposed to the USA at 60 thousand plus. Added to the citizens in Denmark are willing to wear masks, are willing to practice social distancing, are willing to wash their hands and are not crying about “freedom and liberty” when asked to do so.


Get real careful there!!
Next, you will want to get the folks with curly red hair and freckles.
Then, old useless bald guys. (Who are the real targets of corona19).

The press secy is a ditz. Just parrots the Trump lies about health safety.
So far, Trump can blame dense Pence for everything.
Just as I blame Cheney for everything.


Science? What science? We don’t need no stinkin science!

Seems like we have a chapter of the flat-earth society in the WH, presided-over by the "very stable genius"defended by his feckless right-wing talking-head,: the inane blonde bimbo barbie - so easy to despise.

No matter what this odious regime, the trump ship of fools and thieves, touches or truths it tries to hide or manipulate to deceive the public to cater to the ego madness of trump, the stench of pathology pervades everything. .All loathsome lying idiot scum to their cores…


The simple truth is that everyone with children or has had them knows that they’re little walking, talking disease vectors. Every kind of crud out there, they get it and bring it home. Minor outbreaks, everyone lives through and gets past, but this has the potential to keep going and going thanks to the general idiocy that’s dominated the discussion so far. One can’t argue that opening schools again won’t make that worse.

My working hypothesis is that this is aimed at killing off as many older teachers as possible so they can be replaced by Teach for America drones, who will then lobby for conversions to charter schools.


These morally bankrupt sociopaths have their children in private schools or being home-schooled by others, so public school children dying or sick by the pandemic means nothing. They’re discardables, cannon fodder for the economy. Actually, most of these mothers (and the fathers) seldom spend any real time with their children as they are too busy whoring, making money, and doing the “manly thing” with their manly friends at those private clubs and resorts: No women (red wives) allowed.

Elsewhere, DT has decided to shut down the CDC date gathering and keep it all to himself. Anyone with any brains at all should have seen this coming. He did that to the WHO, fired or sidelined any others telling the truth, refusing to lie for him. His GOP governors have followed suit and going down with him in that sinking ship of lies. He has turned the National guard into his own Praetorian Guards as they are going to be deployed to gather the info at the hospitals, and see one sees it, but his enablers. In case anyone is interested, this is illegal, not a National Security issue. In fact, this is continued mass murder on Americans, a crime in itself which history will record as premeditated murder and genocide.Let’s be clear here, there is no line he will not cross and his bootlickers are no better, and worse. As for the GOP abandoning him, this is wishful thinking. They can still get conservative judges on the bench, make their donor wealthy backers choke on more wealth they don’t need, etc.There is still more damage to be done to the Eco systems, more govt. dereg, more homeless–Well, you get the picture. They don’e care one rats ass about the children of the masses, the environment, Americans, or the entire planet. Their motto: I have mine, and fuck you very much.


I’m busy sharpening my pitchfork here at home today.

It’s truly time to resurrect that questionable tradition of tar and feathering again. I’m in the Franz Fanon camp today - the pain we inflict on those who’ve inflicted so much on us WILL IN FACT be good for the national psyche.

I’ll promote non-violence again when we’re through this period of sociopathic insanity.


So very glad to once again see Dr. Fanon invoked… to paraphrase Mark Twain hopefully early and often and may there be many early GREEN VOTES

“When we revolt it’s not for a particular culture. We revolt simply because, for many reasons, we can no longer breathe”
― Frantz Fanon
and I do believe that was 1961

“Imperialism leaves behind germs of rot which we must clinically detect and remove from our land but from our minds as well.”
― Frantz Fanon

I could just spend all night cutting and pasting

From the Introduction to Fanon’s Wretched of the Earth written by Jean Paul Sartre

"Not so very long ago, the earth numbered two thousand million inhabitants: five hundred million men, and one thousand five hundred million natives. The former had the Word; the others had the use of it. Between the two there were hired kinglets, overlords, and a bourgeoisie, sham from beginning to end, which served as go-betweens. In the colonies the truth stood naked, but the citizens of the mother country preferred it with clothes on: the native had to love them, something in the way mothers are loved. The European elite undertook to manufacture a native elite. They picked out promising adolescents; they branded them, as with a red-hot iron, with the principles of Western culture; they stuffed their mouths full with high-sounding phrases, grand glutinous words that stuck to the teeth. After a short stay in the mother country they were sent home, whitewashed. These walking lies had nothing left to say to their brothers; they only echoed. From Paris, from London, from Amsterdam we would utter the words “Parthenon! Brotherhood!” and somewhere in Africa or Asia lips would open “…thenon! …therhood!” It was the golden age. "



" Vice President Mike Pence [declared] that the administration does not want Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance “to be a reason why people don’t reopen their schools.”"

How could WE have such stupid and willfully ignorant people in positions such as they have? Is this what WE have allowed to happen becuase WE are so busy working or distracting ourselves with nonsense - so WE deserve these people?!? They have shown that they have NO CONCERN for anyone, period! There is a pandemic raging in this nation but they want people to send their children back to school, really?!?!



I always ask the local bike mechanic to fix my car, and since barbers are so good with scissors they can remove my appendix when it bursts. No problem with a 17 yr old dishwasher coming by to regale me with the Philosophical musings of ancient Greece, nor having the Flat Earth Society make globes of the planet. And I think the head of NASA should have experience flying a kite because you know how the knowledge of wind currents will be SO useful in space when a storm is brewing and starts blowing the spacecraft around.

If you get my drift…



Like a few million school kids are all going to follow CDC guidelines, Give me a break! It’s a catastrophe waiting to happen.


I think Black Skins, White Masks is an important read as well. But it’s Les Damnés de la terre (i have the French version as well as the English translation) that I revisit now and again. For decade I’ve been trying to find a balance between Gandhi’s non-violence and the Fanon approach, and always fall back to Gandhi’s caveat - namely “fascism.”

Indeed so few of us can any longer breathe for so many reasons…

Years ago, in my first reading of The Wretched of the Earth, the implicit point Fanon made that slapped my right up alongside my head was the implicit claim that the violence of maintaining colonies WOULD eventually make its way back home. And here we are…

Glad to meet another critical reader of important works! Cheers!

(BTW - 1961 was a good year for several reasons. One is that it’s one of those years that’s the same upside down! The other is I popped out as one of the first space age US babies. Huzzah!

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Why are the rejects from Fox News the ones that end up mouthing off for the really dense, really dumb, policies of the White House clowns? I’m dumbfounded by the total lack of…brains in the whole operation.


And the irony is that Fox “News” viewers will eagerly accept what they are told by them as being true even though that might mean that obeying the advice given to them by people like Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson, and Trump may very well kill them. Cognitive dissonance at its finest.