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The SCOTUS Will Soon Decide if Republicans Can Cheat

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/03/scotus-will-soon-decide-if-republicans-can-cheat

I wish I could be optimistic and agree with the last paragraph of this article, that all this power-grabbing by Republicans will “Catch up with them”.

What is more likely is that the next few election cycles will cement the GOPs permanent hold on power, as it begins to dawn on too many voters that Republicans cannot be dislodged in too many places. Folks will give up in despair and disengage from a rigged process. America will resemble Putin’s Russia or Netunyahu’ Israel.

People will finally decide in the coming years that benign cooperation with a permanent GOP controlled government is the only chance to better their lot.

By then, the only chance to dislodge them would be another Great Depression. But even then, I have to believe that the GOP, always astute at playing the long game, is making sure all the apparatus needed to thwart any populist revolution, violent or non-violent, will be in place.

Can anyone throw me bits of optimism here ?

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I’m usually quite optimistic Red, however, the negative picture in your comment, is depressing.

Please don’t take it personal. Many express the same level of negative outcomes.

I am not an American so this is an outsider’s perspective…I do, however, read and listen to a lot of information from both the left and the right. This article seems, to me, to be misleading through omission. Yes, adding a citizenship question to the census is designed to get more power for the GOP but you failed to address the justification for the change.

The issue is this: electoral power in the US is proportional to the population of a given area. So, if location A has 1 million people they will have the same power as location B if it has 1 million people, but both states will have more power than location C if it only has 100,000 people. The problem is that, because citizenship was not asked on the census there has been no way to determine what percentage of that population is entitled to vote. Therefore, if location A has 1 million people but only has 1 person eligible to vote it will have more political power than location C if it has 100,000 eligible voters. The system, as it stands, helps the Democrats and the locations with high numbers of undocumented immigrants. Why? Obviously because the number of undocumented immigrants drives up the population numbers which, in turn, increases their political power, even though these people cannot vote. Do you think this is right and if so, why? Explain how this is not a gerrymandered system!

The Republicans want a citizenship question on the census so they can balance electoral power based, as it should be, on the population of people entitled to vote. Obviously this is designed as a gerrymander…obviously it is designed to help the GOP, but if you want to attack this you have to go beyond the simple claim of bad intention. You have to show why what the GOP is doing is wrong and unjust. You have to explain why the system should remain as it should; why citizenship and voting rights should not be considered when dividing political power. Without that it seems that all you are interested in is power at all costs.

Except that there are far more americans who don’t vote than there are illegal aliens.
I’m considering not even filling out the 2020 Census form. How does that factor in?

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Funny, it’s not just Republicans who gerrymander. Here in MA the Democrats have done the exact same thing.

Any time you have a one-party state, that party acts to perpetuate it’s control. Neither party exists for the benefit of the voters, they both exist as parasites that feed on the voters