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The Secret Republican Plan to Unravel Medicaid


The Secret Republican Plan to Unravel Medicaid

Robert Reich

Bad enough that the Republican Senate bill would repeal much of the Affordable Care Act.

Even worse, it unravels the Medicaid Act of 1965 – which, even before Obamacare, provided health insurance to millions of poor households and elderly.

It’s done with a sleight-of-hand intended to elude not only the public but also the Congressional Budget Office.

Here’s how the Senate Republican bill does it. The bill sets a per-person cap on Medicaid spending in each state. That cap looks innocent enough because it rises every year with inflation.


The GOP, right wingers, libertarian sociopaths and Ayn Randian psychopaths are having orgasms of joy at the prospect of killing off Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security. These bastards hate the poor, elderly and disabled with a white hot passion. Libertarians consider them to all be moochers stealing their money. They say, just leave it all to charity which is disingenuous on steroids. They say that Medicaid is not in the Constitution and that the government has no right to their money. In other words, these guys are devoid of empathy, human compassion and any sense of community. Leave it to charity? Really? How will charity pay for all the elderly in nursing homes or for people on dialysis which can cost $150,000 per year.


Instead of "Medicare for all", the GOP's target is Medicare for none.


What about the democrats? They have always supported for profit healthcare. This isn't a gop nightmare. This is a capitalist nightmare. And both the d's and r's are capitalist.


I do not believe that the GOP "hate the poor, elderly and disabled with a white hot passion. Hate is inefficient. It is nonproductive. They are simply businessmen and sales people. Their white hot passion is for money. They are not distracted by external issues such as life on this planet or any other existential issue. They are simple and efficient predators. They are products of the natural world.

The boomers are aging and like a freight train out of control. The American population has the highest degree of morbidity of any industrial nation. It makes business sense to cut the boomers off at the pass and gut Medicaid. The costs for nursing homes is exploding and boomers do not have much in the form of retirement. This bill MUST pass and it is a brilliant tactical move to defend the fortunes of the wealthy. To expect the US government (aka global corporate multinationals) to cover any of your bills in old age is not realistic. The writing is on the wall, folks. The multinationals and the rich are clearly prevailing. They own both parties and we simply are entertained by their political theater. Calling your legislator is the same as praying to God. But praying is more satisfying as there is a slim chance someone is listening.

Stay as healthy as you can. This will buy you time and increase your enjoyment of this temporary existence and keep you out of the hands of the predators. And predators is what they are. Always watching and waiting to get your resources. You can lament but it does not change this fact. Life is a predatory system!


If they don't give it, we will take it.


It's doubtful that there will be ANY humans alive in the 2025 - 2035 time period! If not because The Donald has destroyed us all through his unleashing of thermonuclear devices, then global warming--that isn't occurring to GENIUS TRUMP!


"[B]ecause the CBO’s estimates of the consequences of bills are typically limited to 10 years...[its] analysis of the Senate Republican bill will dramatically underestimate how many people will be knocked off Medicaid over the long term."

Hm...seems like the cat's out of the bag on this one - cuts to Medicaid are all over the news, w/even some right wing politicians acknowledging it...and for anyone used to looking at numbers, uncoupling funding increases from healthcare costs after 8 yrs doesn't seem that secret a plan...

Question more likely to be the vote despite CBO report.