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The Secret to Winning the Nobel Peace Prize


The Secret to Winning the Nobel Peace Prize

Rebecca Gordon

This year’s Nobel Peace Prize went to Tunisia’s National Dialogue Quartet “for its decisive contribution to the building of a pluralistic democracy... in the wake of the Jasmine Revolution of 2011.” The Quartet is a group of four organizations -- two national labor unions, a business group, and a lawyers' association -- whose work helped prevent Tunisia from sliding into civil war in the years following that “revolution.”


A very comprehensive essay. I do have one (at least) criticism when the author describes Yemen’s Houthis as “supported by the Iranians” - straight out of US and Saudi propaganda with no supporting evidence. This is a tenuous connection at best and the term “supported” is not defined - I suppose this is left to the reader to suss-out.

The overt US arming of the Saudis with indiscriminate weaponry and other killing devices IS actual support (unlike anything the Iranians may or may not be guilty of) and makes actual use of Saudis as proxies of the most depraved sort - this or the green light was given to the Saudis to kill Houthis as a quid-pro quo for not making a stink about the Iran deal. Like the US deal with Israel and perhaps Egypt to not queer the deal with Iran.

Aside from the total absense of US integrity, truthfulness or rationale strategies, the US seems to delight in attacking and killing tribal peoples with sophisticated weaponry from long-range (or having others do it) - not exactly honorable…maybe Israel’s depravity, devious nature, and pathological lying is affecting US policy more than is obvious.