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The Secretary and the Lord


The Secretary and the Lord

Christopher Brauchli

It is going to be a whole new State Department! Mike Pompeo, when confirmed as Secretary of State, will bring a religious zeal to that institution that it almost certainly has never before enjoyed. Indeed, it may be that his enthusiasm for Christianity will convert the Department of State into a sort of missionary society, thus giving it an additional purpose to those purposes already described in the official website of the agency.


Tell it to your senators. Raising these issues and reports in Pompeo’s confirmation process is the only appropriate use that can be made of them. Otherwise all of your speculations about what “could” happen at State are just fearmongering.

And after he’s confirmed, they’re the basis for watchdogging, and for those of us who are also motivated to our public action by our Christian faith (perhaps with different interpretations) to call him to follow the actual teachings of Jesus, about loving your neighbor, without exception and with full passion.


Minor (?) typo correction - there are 1.8 billion followers of Islam in the world, not “more than one million” as the article states.


As a good friend of mine recently stated, “1984 . . .   Better Late than Never!


As a Christian, mixed feelings about what is written here. Does Mr. Brauchli agree that the new Secretary of State should leave his Christianity at home when he is getting dressed for work in the morning? Does Chris B. have a problem with Mike Pompeo actually living his faith in the office as well as out of it?

That said, I wonder if Pompeo’s Christianity is of the brand that will honor that Commandment about “Thou shalt not bear false witness?” You know - things like lying about the WMD’s in Iraq. Is that the kind of Christianity Mike Pompeo is going to live out in his office in Washington DC? If so, if he really believes that as a Christian he should tell the truth at all times and in all places, I predict his tenure in office will be short-lived indeed.


Hey Mike. I think you are corn-fused as to who you worship. Hint…It aint the Prince of Peace.


Both Christianity & Islam are proselytizing religions, whose mandate is not just to live their ideals, but to spread ‘the word’ from the one and only source.

Like the purported ‘idealistic mountaineer’, who climbs for ‘idealistic’ reasons, and only inadvertently finds himself on top of the mountain, the two largest religions on Earth, and their wannabes like Mormonism, are intent on hegemony in the religious sense.



"Mike said that radical Muslims want “to wipe Christians from the face of the earth. . . . [T]hese folks are serious and will continue to press against us until we make sure that we pray and stand and fight and make sure that we know that Jesus Christ, our Savior, is truly the only solution for our world.” "

There are almost 8 billion people on the planet. I wonder what the probability was that at the very moment he was making this speech, there was a Muslim in a mosque saying: “Radical Christians want to wipe Muslims from the face of the earth. . .These folks are serious and will continue to press against us until we make sure that we pray and stand and fight and make sure that we know that Mohammed, our Prophet, truly shows the only solution for our world.”


The State Department should have zero official direction according to Christian doctrine unless of course the US abandons a secular government.

I think more fear mongering not less is appropriate in this instance, considering that this right wing zealot has already taken his “Christian” imprint to the CIA, apparently in the context of “Thou shalt hate them thar Muslims”.

Considering how right wing Fundamentalist Christianity has already found a home at the Air Force, the news that it has found its way into the CIA and soon the State Department is worth more fear mongering not less.

Fear mongering is also called for considering that the right wing dickhead fascist Trump has come to power as a result of courting right wing Fundamentalist Christians and White Nationalists.

In light of all of this, fear mongering is warranted, and then some.

Oh, and one can still call that Senator.

For more fear mongering, try the following search on the internets…

fundamentalist christianity in the military air force


If Pompeo was a Christian, he would be espousing Peace and Love.

This administration and it’s so-called officials believe only in Money, Power, and the Hate and Human Suffering that enables them to Profit from it.


…‘as he [Pompeo] so eloquently put it in his 2014 speech: “Jesus Christ our Savior is truly the only solution for our world.”’

Which essentially translates into this:

Sorry Mike, all dogs have fleas. (Except mine.)


Sorry, setting up a culture that is being directed by the most powerful person in a Government Agency to go to Bible studies in the evenings, etc is a form of coercion that has no place whatsoever in a Government that is currently Constitutionally limited by Separation of Church and State.

Over the years, Fundamentalist Christians of course have argued that no such limitation actually exists, and have successfully implemented things like posting the Ten Commandments in a court house, etc.

Which version of the Ten Commandments now has Government favor? That dilemma of course is never recognized by the “Christian” mind who sees no injustice whatsoever for a powerful agency to be promoting religious belief.

And, I really don’t get your rhetorical questions leading your comment. What, a person can’t pray anytime, anywhere? What, a person can’t “practice” their faith while working at any government job?

What Christians like you who are “confused” about this are really advocating, is you want the ability to proselytize in a publicly funded school, courthouse, on the floor of the Senate, or even in an opinion of a Supreme Court justice…and of course, as a Commander of forces of death, proselytizing at the point of a machine gun.

If that is not the extent of your argument, fine. But that’s the ultimate danger, if you can wrap your Christian brain around it.

I was raised in a Fundamentalist Baptist Church, and am old enough to have witnessed the negative effect allowing Christianity or any other religion to be officially sanctioned in a public school can have on a kid not religiously aligned with the de facto official religion.

In the 8th grade, prior to the ban on school prayer being followed in my junior high school, I remember a student who refused to recite it because she though of herself, or her parents brought her up as, an atheist.

That kid was shamed by the teacher, and of course shamed by the students who all thought of themselves as morally superior, and that superiority was being directed in part by the State, as it was a public school.

If you can’t understand why Christians, especially with positions of power, shouldn’t go about their work day preaching the Gospel, organizing after hour Bible Studies, etc…then I really don’t know what to tell you.

The fact of the matter is, I’m really tired of Christians complaining that they are being persecuted.

Yeah right, exactly how many churches are there to go to?

Do you just have to hold an open Christian prayer at ever government function? Do you have to be able to pressure an employee as a government official to shape up on the job in accordance to a belief in Christ?

I mean is it that clucking difficult to understand what the problem is?

And as to the brand…isn’t that like a big part of why this is so damn annoying and terrifying?

As to his brand. Pompeo is of the brand of Chritianity where hate is deemed virtuous. That’s his brand.

Keep that brand and all others, out of the fucking government.


If you are ever out and about, and see a table set up with pamphlets etc, with the people behind the table addressing passersby, and that table has a banner that says “Army of God”, take a few minutes to talk to these wonderful “Christians”.

Then try to forget the experience prior to going to sleep, lest it creep into your dreams as a nightmare.


Fundamentalist Christians would scowl at such an assertion and condemn you for “feminizing Christ”.


I remember when the stories (carried on CD) about the Christianization of the AF Academy appeared.

How do you ensure that the tip of your spear will not waver or be thrust off course? Our combined Air Forces, operating as they do without serious challenge in kind must deliver their payload of death and destruction on cue, and on target. The homes of millions, the critical infrastructure - water and sewage plants, power plants, food and medicines plants - must and will be destroyed covering not only nations, but entire regions.

When the obvious, impossible to disguise truth, is that this is blatant aggression against civilians en masse there is one tried and true way to ensure that the pilots with the joysticks and their armaments officers with the launch buttons faithfully carry out their orders -

GOD WILLS IT! Onward Christian soldiers, marching as to - scratch that - marching INTO war.

There was an uncle whom I never met who as I’ve been told flew many sorties against North Korea during that war as a Navy pilot. After the war he continued flying as a Navy test pilot. One test flight day his plane flew straight into the ground, without apparent indication of malfunction. I have always wondered, and it isn’t something talked about much in my family.

Your response to E_A_H was spot on and covers all the salient points. I could add similar, even closer to (my) home experiences. In religion class as a sophomore in a Catholic HS, the Brother there stated that “Those who have not heard and accepted the message of our savior, Jesus Christ, can never attain the paradise of heaven.” I raised my hand and asked “Brother, is that what you really meant to say?” He assured me that indeed, that is the teaching of the church and I replied “That hardly sounds like a just god to me.” Two weeks later at the insistence of the “management” I found myself sitting in a public HS, starting the season over.


I left organized religion, running away as fast as I could, the summer after graduating from high school. An enlightened time for me, opening up the possibility of regarding other humans without the question “are they living according to the teachings of Christ”, “are they saved”, “do they worship the true God”, and the rest of it.

Ah…that was a wonderful summer. The same summer, I lost my fear of reading books not aligned with “the teachings of Christ” according to the indoctrination I had fled from at First Baptist Church.


Perhaps the Secretary is a Fundamentalist Christian, and as one, one of the tenets of this form of belief is a militancy to the truth.

The experience of living through this past year is making it extremely hard for me to believe anyone in this administration has a commitment to truth.


It is easy to believe they don’t.


One way to end the conservative’s Crusades is to vote cons out of office.

In times of trouble, people in fear turn to conservative reactionaries. Conservatives make as much trouble as possible to remain in power.

With Pompeo and a Duterte style conservative government, we are officially a dictatorship.


That’s a good bit broader a brush than can be defended. Most Christians today have gotten over missionary imperialism and are in fact apologizing for their past sins against the proselytized. What evangelism means to most in the major denominations (I’m an elder in the PCUSA) is opening new churches and programs to serve identified needs. And overseas it’s mostly about following through on our established service missions (hospitals, schools, …).

And it’s kind of hard to say anything about proselytizing in Islam, because there are no “rolls” of who is and isn’t Muslim. You can make Shehadeh (declare yourself submissive) alone in your room and never tell anyone, visit a mosque, or engage in any identifiably Muslim activity. Or you can learn 7th-century Arabic and start memorizing the Qur’an as properly sung. But I don’t know of any organized missions.

I’ve no idea what you mean by your mountaineer simile, but you are correct in suggesting that the Christian-ism creeping into our government (Pence, Huckabee, the likes of Pompeo) seeks to earn brownie points for Heaven (or being Raptured) by saving other souls. But it’s not Christianity as most generally practiced.