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The Seeds of Fascism


The Seeds of Fascism

Blasting a military that still acts with impunity and a judiciary that still serves as "the Occupation's fig leaf," Israel's foremost human rights organization B’Tselem has declared it will stop seeking justice for Palestinians through complaints to military courts they long hoped would become "a path to accountability." The move is the latest sign - along with a new uber-hawk defense minister - Israel continues its grim plunge into right-wing extremism.


Let me be the first to say "to hell with the IDF commanders". The wrong side of history, eh?


This madness should be stopped, Strengthening DBS against Israel.


Looking at the AIPAC website I discovered that 83 US senators recently signed a letter highlighting the need for a significant increase in military aid for Israel. The power of the lobby is so formidable. Bibi got, how many, 38 standing ovations from the politburo, er, Congress, some months ago?


The fact the Israeli human rights group, B'salem has decided to give up trying to go through the Israeli military courts to secure justice for the Palestinians in the Occupied Territories (i. e. West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem) does not bode well for B'tsalelm as a Human Rights Group, or for Israel, as a society, on the whole. B'Tsalwm should not give up on the Israeli military courts, and should continue to pressure the Israeli military to stop the occupation and its horrific treatment of the Palestinian Civilians who reside in those areas, pull out of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, and allow the Palestinians to create their own independent, sovereign nation-state alongside Israel.


I believe that they have given up going through the courts because it has not yielded any results. When the syatem is against you, working through the system is useless. Presumably, B'salem will engage in more confrontational direct action instead.


Take a walk past the Congress Building, it smells like something died.


It did! The Constitutional Republic of the United States of America.
* Its rotting corpse is being eaten by the US Fourth Reich.


None of this would be possible without the constant military, financial, UNSC vetoing and the moral(!!!!!) support of the USA, as well as the pathetic acceptance of this by the Europeans and other "Western democracies" who claim to be terrified of Arabs and other Muslims, yet act in ways that encourage hatred.


But many believe Israel has ventured into the untenable. “(Israel) has been infected by the seeds of fascism,” says former Prime Minister Ehud Barak. “This government needs to be brought down before it brings all of us down.”

"The oppressed, instead of striving for liberation, tend themselves to become oppressors." These words were spoken by the Paulo Reglus Neves Freire, a Brazilian--a people that know a thing or two about oppression (slavery) and repression (Berta Ceras, Lula, and Rouseff). And it describes perfectly the paradigm in which the Israeli state finds itself: clinging to victimhood while victimizing others.

Thankfully good people in Israel, Brazil and elsewhere keep on striving for liberation, despite the odds. More power to them.


I think we can safely say that we're past seeds and into the sequoias.


“(Israel) has been infected by the seeds of fascism,” says former Prime Minister Ehud Barak. “This government needs to be brought down before it brings all of us down.”

With him.


It seems so counter intuitive, yet proves itself again and again: The abused often becomes the abuser.

So sad and so maddening that instead of using our great power to mentor such a govt. into a more compassionate place, we bolster it with arms and rallying for their horrific actions.


Slaughtering Palestinians and stealing their land: CLINTON APPROVED.