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The Self-Centered Rich Country Response to Pandemics and Crises Is Wrecking Poor Countries

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/16/self-centered-rich-country-response-pandemics-and-crises-wrecking-poor-countries


"Already, in my city of Puebla, half the population has no access to water, or not enough. Soon, people will get kicked out of homes, and hunger – already on their minds – will likely become common."

Landlords should be made aware that if they kick out their tenants due to their tenants incapacity to pay at the moment, that they will then have to find another tenant who can afford to pay rent. And with nearly everyone economically affected in these third world nations, landlords may then not find someone to replace their current tenant, or may have to offer a reduced rent in order to find one.
If I were a landlord in Puebla, I think I would let the rent slide until the tenant could get back to work. Additionally, I think I would also provide my tenant some basic food items to make sure they remain alive and healthy in order to be able to pay rent in the future.

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