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The Senate’s Excuses for Reauthorizing Section 215–and Why They’re Wrong


The Senate’s Excuses for Reauthorizing Section 215–and Why They’re Wrong

Mark Jaycox

Three provisions of the Patriot Act expire on June 1 and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is trying to delay taking action on the issue by calling for a two month or 5-year reauthorization of Section 215—the provision of the Patriot Act the NSA relies on to collect millions of Americans call records.


Since these authoritarian clowns cum politicians continue to trot out this B.S., I will continue to do my best to refute it:

"Section 215 Program is Effective

“This has been a very important part of our effort to defend the homeland since 9/11.” —Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell"


“[The USA Freedom Act] would be rolling [the nation] back to exactly where we were pre-9/11. —Sen. Richard Burr”

Watch this:

The reality IS that the architects and engineers of a New World Order plan to do away with all national sovereignty and their use of secret trade pacts is a key component of this plan.

The stealth and steady attempts that couple truth tellers as dangers to National Security, and environmentalists as eco-terrorists are quite deliberate. And the 911 event as pretext for a complete lockdown on Civil Liberties allowed for a shifted political and legal infrastructure: one in place to protect power and its TRESPASSES while punishing all those capable of presenting compelling challenges to the Official Stories and make-war imperatives that are causing our beloved planet, Gaia, to burn to a crisp.

And that… in the name of Defense!

$3 trillion wasted on idiot wars instead of preparing for paroxysms of climate chaos… and they call THAT Defense, too.

Until the trigger for all the foreign wars is seen in its proper truth and light, what hope of a course correction?


Do McConnell, Burr, Pompeo and Cornyn realize that the NSA is also spying on them?


They want to pass temporary approval of the Patriot Act so they can debate the issue in a wholesome manner later? How can anyone believe them? They haven’t had a wholesome debate on issues for years.