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The Senate Should Censure Trump


The Senate Should Censure Trump

William Greider

If you are sick of President Trump’s crackpot tweets and libelous falsehoods, consider instead the small-d democratic possibilities inherent in his presidency. Yes, Trump’s cabinet appointees have discretionary powers that can do grave damage to our society, not to mention the planet. Yes, by freakish happenstance, an unstable character with irresponsible impulses has been put in charge of the national government.


God Should Censure Trump.

Everything he is doing is against God's will.


We the people can do a whole lot more than urge the Senate to censure djt. But part of that is indeed to keep pressure on our legislators to govern rather than campaign. I've asked all 3 of mine to take me off their e-mail lists for fundraising.


Not sure censure is such a good idea since even censuring the donorrhea gives him the one thing he can't live without: attention. I think a better way to handle this egomaniac and his idiocy is to circumvent his power -- quietly, deliberately, and stealthily so that the country is running as it should be, without any input from him.


Trump should never be compared to any of his predecessors, except perhaps Saint Ron and Dubya who also excelled at looting the gubmit. At least Jackson was not the Wall Street patsy most POTUS have been and he fought the British, preventing them from destroying New Orleans,

Isn't censure 180 degrees from invoking the nuclear option to confirm a Trump SCOTUS nominee ?


It doesn't seem that at this rate, our country (i.e., what remains of our democracy) will survive.
We are falling (whether we approve or not) into mass delusion.


This Senate will not censure their Golden Calf...no way.


Things are not yet bad enough for the Republican legislators to impeach and then try and convict Trump. But give them some more time. Unfortunately, they did not get a wake up call in Kansas yesterday. He is also about to disrupt our food supply by harassing undocumented immigrants. It's coming, just not yet.