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The Senator and the Tax Collector


The Senator and the Tax Collector

Christopher Brauchli

I . . . content myself with wishing that I may be . . . not of that number who are ignorant in spite of experience.
—William Pitt, Earl of Chatham, Speech in House of Commons (1741)

Someone has to get to Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, and explain to him the facts of Republican life and the Internal Revenue Service. No one is more qualified to do that than Senator Chuck Grassley, of Iowa.


Well, Times are a little different.
The monetary system was accountable then.
Now, there is unlimited free money for private corporations.
But they will come after you for every dime.
So the people who are playing cop will be paid in the hundreds of thousands of dollars to come after to that house wife who shorted the IRS 315 dollars on her 30,000 dollar income.

Tell me if you think we have a chance.