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The Seven Stages of Establishment Backlash: Corbyn/Sanders Edition


The Seven Stages of Establishment Backlash: Corbyn/Sanders Edition

Glenn Greenwald

The British political and media establishment incrementally lost its collective mind over the election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the country’s Labour Party, and its unraveling and implosion show no signs of receding yet. Bernie Sanders is nowhere near as radical as Corbyn; they are not


It's Gandhi's adage. We've past "first they ignore you." We've past "then they laugh at you." We've reached the "then they fight you" moment. Soon we win!


No candidate is perfect including Bernie Sanders. All candidates should be subjected to criticisms. But the criticisms should be fair and based on substance, not wild accusations which tend to get most of the media attention. It appears criticisms of Sanders are picking up in the media. Voters should assess these criticisms to assess whether they are justified or simply attempts to defeat him.


Beat me to the punch!


I wish the leader of the Social Democratic movement were a young, vibrant, attractive female of color, but we've got Bernie. Steady, competent, life-long believer Bernie. To paraphrase the reprehensible former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, "You campaign with the candidate you have, not the one you wish you had". Bernie represents a movement. No matter how old he is, or what his shortcomings are, it's what he stands for and the positions he declares that are important. Four years of a Sanders administration would be far superior to eight years of Hillary. The task is to turn the country in a positive direction after decades of being run by the wealthy elite. With a credible running mate who could take over in 2020, Bernie can start us down that road.


Unfortunately, there is an 8th sign... and it's used when the typical measures aimed at character assassination fail. Then it (assassination) becomes the real thing; but it's always masked by plausible deniability in the form of unfortunate plane crashes, cars that suddenly crash in odd manners, quickly acting Cancers (Chavez), and other nefarious tricks that come from the Deep State operatives' playbooks.

They play dirty!

If I were Sanders, I'd wear a bullet proof vest AND see if any loyal supporter will taste any food or drink offered to him (as kings were known to do in earlier times) before he relieves his hunger or thirst.


Your fraudulent "evenhandedness" is designed to do a number of things.

First, it sets up a generic context... as if ALL candidates are subject to the same thing.

Next, it puts the onus on the public to discern what's true or false even though the massive muscle of the media message machine has tremendous dominance when it comes to setting, reinforcing, and essentially enforcing message.

Third, it makes light of the fact that ONE candidate--the one I believe you're here to discredit--has growing popularity and is thus THE specified target.

Why is it that YOU are here every day now (and have been a presence under a variety of sign-on names as is the modus operandi) and don't have a JOB to go to.... that is, other than being here?


Glenn is probably correct that the establishments choice (anyone but Sanders) will most likely win. Though most Americans tell me that they're not influenced by the MSM, we know this to be false. What really worries me is the extent that the establishment is willing to go if their "7 stages" are unsuccessful in derailing the Sanders campaign. I'm sure everyone who just read the Greenwald article were disturbed by his reference to the "mutiny" suggested by members of the British military in case Corbyn is democratically elected as Prime Minister in the future. Similar talk will follow here if Sanders is still around in six months from now.
Even if Sanders miraculously won the Democratic nomination, the corporate media, as seen in Venezuela, will never let up (17 years of slander and libel by Venezuela's media) and eventually will erode support for anyone the people elect. Freedom of the press is really freedom of corporations to run rough shod over antiestablishment sorts, as the press here are nothing more than an extension of corporate policy. That means in the unlikely scenario that Sanders beats Hillary (and Trump?), the public will have to endure endless, biased attacks every time they pick up a newspaper, turn of the T.V. or radio or surf the internet. This will also inspire Tea Party types to take the law into their own hands hellbent on bring harm or death to Bernie and his supporters in their own belief to save the United States from communist/terrorists/anti-Americans or whatever nasty label the media can convincingly provide.
The good news, as we have seen in England, is that sometimes such overt demonization backfires and only serves to galvanize the public further as more and more of the 99% begin to recognize how morally corrupt the establishment has become. The 99% will never constitute 99% of the electorate as a large minority will never abandon their corporate allegiance in spite of the over whelming evidence that they're supporting a corrupt oligarchy that works against their best interests. Even when David Duke, the infamous KKK Grand Wizard and former Neo-Nazi cheerleader ran for Governor of Louisiana, ten percent of his votes came from African-Americans who clearly had nothing to gain from Duke winning. My point being that we will always have some people who will buck the trend regardless of who is running. Yet the majority can still take control (in a functioning democracy) and overthrow the establishment on occasion. We all have to hope that this is one of those moments.


" They play dirty." And may I add, they have been getting away with it for far too long.

No doubt about it! And that is why it is just a matter of time before Bernie will be thrown under the proverbial, political bus! Lets all hope Bernie survives what the elite have in store for him to deny him the Democratic nomination for POTUS.


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"Though most Americans tell me that they're not influenced by the MSM, we know this to be false."

Are you seriously asserting that YOU are in a position to know what MOST AMERICANS think, say, and know?

Also, it would serve the reader better (and represent an improvement in your commentary) if you simply used the return key to make paragraphs.


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How did you figure out the variety of sign-on names?


Interesting comparisons and contrasts. I'm not worried for Bernie and don't expect any " grassy knolls " scenarios popping up.. Though, our MIC seems to be getting " jittery " with the bloviating Republicans and their WWIII garbage. Sen. Sanders seems to be doing well and has stayed away from the quagmire and trap of MENA policy. ( I hoped for more robust arguments here but they're just beginning the fight on the nat'l stage, too. Remember his call for $80 billion/yr in DoD cuts? ) We don't suffer from quite the same ills as the Brits do, either. So, there's that, too. Another good piece by Mr. Greenwald.


Fear and Loathing in Elite Land


Thank you for your insights into that Atlantic article. Your evaluation of it explains my wrinkled brow. You asked if this same question has been put to the other candidates. It should be, both for information and fairness.

This piece by Greenwald is saved in my Reading List. Thank you.


Hillarybots need to snap out of their denial syndrome and acknowledge that Trump might beat Bernie in November but Trump WILL beat Hillary in November. It really is that simple.


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"Busting the trusts" was so high on FDR's agenda. Breaking up monopolies dilutes their enormous power and makes them more easy to regulate.

As Obama's election more recently showed, the people do not have the economic staying power of WS banks and corporations. We may win the battle, but lose the bribery based war.

In my view, the one thing that can help us to keep a hard won victory is to turn the final approval or disapproval of any law that directly impacts the public, to the public itself. Harry Braun's Democracy Amendment is one way:


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