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The Shadow of Torture Behind Trump’s Britain Visit


The Shadow of Torture Behind Trump’s Britain Visit

Hina Shamsi, Corey Stoughton

As President Trump visits the United Kingdom, the focus has been on strained trans-Atlantic relations, his intervention in domestic politics, and massive public protests.

A different, diplomatically-couched protest has received less attention but sends a consequential signal about the so-called “special relationship” between the two countries: U.K. parliamentarians are concerned that under Trump, America could return to a policy of torture — and they are warning British intelligence agencies to guard against it.


How or why? Blair!


What kind of ‘special relationship’ is it when the dominant partner says ‘jump’ and Britain says’how high’? Part of the world’s problem is that all of our ‘friends’ are selling their souls to remain in the good graces of the US when they should be telling us to go to hell. Are you willing to go there with us? Trump may be good for one thing; uniting all of the suck-up countries into getting a grip and start acting in their own interests. Save your money and your honor and stay out of our dirty business.


Under the rules for Bush’s War on Terror, anyone can be suspected, never accused, and contiously tortured. ALL countries will do this to a pointed target for the US, so that there is no escaping it. Perhaps the countries believe it increases solidarity. It does not have to include confinement. It is fairly simple to show someone how to use a phone or nearby computer to raise the electricity in an electric circuit to the point that it will send out a shock, Walking thru a doorway, sleeping, sitting in public transportation, all seats and doorways and gates are wired for this type of intervention.
Smart phones, smart meters, identify where a person is located. Too high wifi, laser, high or low frquency sound, All about tracking, …tracking down. The passport is read when a person leaves the country and the process continues without interruption.

The victims in this article are sad. Very sad. The victims of war, and the victims of hate, but also the thousands of victims of the electronic harassment that we still can’t talk about. Electronic harassment is managed by all branches of the military including Homeland Security, but it is different, in that it is carried out by ordinary people on the street,with a simple push of the phone, by nearby computers, by workmen wiring circuits which can be overexcited.

I have talked with the perps. I know what they do. And I have felt the effect. For eight years.
There are many articles online which try to explain, but end up being so histrionic as to discredit the victim. That is the intention and the usual effects doctors will not recognize severe muscle damage, cramps, skin burns, complaints of dizziness or headaches in the context of radiation. Complaining of electronic sensitivity even is a ticket to a luny farm.

How many? thousands