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The Sham Presidency


The Sham Presidency

Neal Gabler

Presidencies are often defined by images: FDR delivering his reassuring fireside chats; Harry Truman speaking from the back of his campaign train, whistle stopping in 1948 and giving ‘em hell; JFK and Jackie, elegant in Paris, defying Henry James’ stereotype of Americans as bumpkins; Reagan at the Berlin Wall; and George W. Bush in his flight suit against the banner reading “Mission Accomplished.”


A "sham" doesn't occur in a vacuum but is rather an attempt to make coercive squalor into political hay (already an advanced state of decay) to hide the toxic clawing that it actually is.

I would submit that there is an identifiable HEALTHY dynamic gaining strength that is a natural cycle of the living immune system kicking in. It does not reflect the lock-step of the sclerotic kleptocracy. It is either invisible or incomprehensible to those enraptured by the schizophrenic comb-over being slathered through most of the MSM and halls tramped and smeared by autocratic bloviation.

There are more sincere, hard working, loving and insightful people in the world than there are parasites currently poisoning our efforts at healthy governance. It may take a while, but there is no doubt in my mind that the ole' immune system will weather the fever and come out stronger and ready for REAL engagement on the other side.


A sham presidency for what is increasingly becoming a sham country populated by a sham people; people who not direct their representatives from a base of generally mature awareness -- even as they might disagree on details and implementation of self-interest -- are a sham and will always devolve to a tyranny of either incompetence or despotism.


Gabler is spot on about Trump's obsession for appearances. Trump's Wall is a good example. Many border agents don't want it and have publicly stated so. They would rather see that money spent on more agents and resources. That, of course, isn't as splashy and impressive as a wall and does nothing to feed Trump's thirsty ego.


Hmmm. I have to differ with the authors comment that perception is NOT reality. Everyone has a perception of how things are. For each individual, what they perceive is real. We're talking here about Absolutism vs Relativism. It's a forever ongoing debate between great thinkers.

Civilization has created multiple realities. The homeless person lives one reality--knowing there is a larger societal system that he/she is not a part of, and perhaps doesn't want to be a part of. But also, the larger society is living a reality that hinges on agreement. Our so called civilization is one step away from collapse. We all just have to agree that it's finished....and act accordingly.

Is there really any Absolute? Is there the God of the Christians? The Hebrews? The Buddhists? The Tribal people? Or is God simply a Force? A Concept? Or is God/Goddess within each of us?

Everything is Change...continual and unrelenting.

The reality that is Trump is a reflection of our march toward change. One way or another...we will change.


"The Sham Presidency"

Thanks to Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Co.


Speaking of the power of the political sham - I overheard a conversation yesterday in which one of the people said that Trump is just what Americans need right now. He stated that Trump will get things done because he is not corrupted by the politics of Washington. Another person countered by pointing out how corrupt Trump has already shown himself to be. The Trump supporter asked, "Oh yeah, just name an example of how Trump is corrupt". The other person replied that Trump recently had to pay out $25 million in fines for the scam that was known as "Trump University". The reply was - "Where did you hear that?" and the answer was that he had read it in the media. The Trump supporter was completely undeterred. His answer? "Oh, that is just more "fake news" and he remained unmoved by the truth.
The other truth is that "Make America Great Again" will likely go down as the most tragically ironic political slogan in American history. Trump and his loathsome, regressive regime could be the end of our republic and tens of millions (like this idiot I just mentioned) will be cheering him all the way down.