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The Shame of Killing Innocent People


The Shame of Killing Innocent People

Kathy Kelly

On April 26th, 2017, in Yemen’s port city of Hodeidah, the Saudi-led coalition which has been waging war in Yemen for the past two years dropped leaflets informing Hodeidah’s residents of an impending attack. One leaflet read:

“Our forces of legitimacy are heading to liberate Hodeidah and end the suffering of our gracious Yemeni people. Join your legitimate government in favor of the free and happy Yemen.”

And another:


The Duopolys Military Industrial Complex not only kicks people when they're down, they kill them.

For Huge Profits.

If you continue to vote for either of these two parties, the shame of killing innocent people is on You.


""And if the purpose is to Raise the Profits of major Military Contractors and Weapons Peddlers?"

The unspeakable Banality of Evil.


I believe that we will be in a state of perpetual war until we take the profit out of it. We need to limit profits on arms and pharmaceuticals or we will bankrupt our all ready broke government. We are the only advanced country on earth that does not restrict these monopolies and they have gained so much financial power the government has lost control of them. Health care takes around 17% of our national treasure, approximately double what the rest of the world spends. And they are healthier than we are. We spend over 600 billion a year to defend ourselves against non-existent enemies and we can't even get an honest audit of the Pentagon, where it is suspected up to 2 trillion may be unaccounted for. Can't tell if you can't count it. That is how out of control this spending is . Somebody is getting rich, figure that out, take the profits back and then let's regulate both industries to make sense for our economy and country. We have all the expenditures and still have 50 million people in poverty. That's crazy.


Congress could do that, but it is not inclined to do so. That would fly in the face of established policy, with which Trump agrees.