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The Shameful Selling of Ryan Owens


The Shameful Selling of Ryan Owens

Andrew Bacevich

“Sentimentality,” wrote James Baldwin in 1949, “is the mark of dishonesty.” With his pronounced antipathy for fakery and cant, Baldwin denounced the “ostentatious parading of excessive and spurious emotion” as an exercise in manipulation. Sentimentality condescends. It masks indifference. Those taken in by “the wet eyes of the sentimentalists,” Baldwin believed, become party to a lie.


Of course, Don and co-conspirators fully exploited Owens' wife (with her apparent approval). But his father's disapproval of the raid (and/or how it was executed) was given noticeably little coverage.
Wonder how much moral squalor the Republican pols will have to display before Prof. Bacevich renounces his affiliation.


Mr. Bacevich neglected to mention that the raid in which Ryan Owens lost his life also killed a large number of women and children, including an eight year old girl and a newborn infant. No one in congress was asked to weep for these victims of decisions made in Washington.