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The Sheer Weirdness of an Illegal Inaugural


The Sheer Weirdness of an Illegal Inaugural

Ciara Torres-Spelliscy

I’ve been working on campaign finance issues for fourteen years. I’ve never seen an illegal inaugural. Until now, potentially.

During an election, a U.S. citizen can give $2,800 to a candidate running for president. But once that candidate wins, a U.S. citizen can give an unlimited amount to an inaugural committee.



Everything Trumpco does is corrupt. If it’s not corrupt, he and his instinctively look for ways to make it corrupt. Criminal gangsters.

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" Then there is the CITGO donation of half a million dollars, which raises another potential foreign donor issue. CITGO is owned by Venezuela"

If Venezuela bribed Trump, it needs to ask for its money back.



Citgo is not necessarily managed by Venezuela directly. This questionable donation needs to be look at more closely, to be sure.
But, it’s getting very tiring seeing all this $$$ floating around in The Swamp.



Most of what goes on in the D.C. swamp cesspool is “perfectly legal”, even though it shouldn’t be.  The Korpocracy protects its members . . .

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That’s what I was thinking as well. It is easier to list things that the administration has done right, than labor ourselves listing the things they did not.



Perhaps our new House should be demanding audits of “everything.” I.G. inspectors galore would be a welcome sight.

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