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The Shift: A Note from Lexington Federal Prison


The Shift: A Note from Lexington Federal Prison

Kathy Kelly

"We must rapidly begin the shift from a thing-oriented society to a person oriented society: when machines and computers, profit motives and property rights are considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, extreme materialism and militarism are incapable of being conquered." - Martin Luther King Jr., "Beyond Vietnam"


Ms. Kelly: You have always written well, and your current lock-up seems to be making your messages better yet. Don’t know if you see much TV there, but maybe better if you didn’t just now; the entire propaganda organism is chanting war. As the answer here, there, and everywhere. Like the disasters of Viet Nam and Iraq never happened. Of course those weren’t disasters for those doing the promoting.

Stay well.


Thanks for what you do and did in our names, as well as your own of course.
I am very grateful.


Dear Kathy -
I rather doubt you recall, but we met in Fremont, Ohio last winter.
Thanks for the wonderful words of wisdom.
It is almost as if you are the one who is free, and we the ones caged in our narrow narcissistic worlds.
Thanks so much for all that you do !!
PAX, AJ Oliver


Thank you Kathy for you are truly an angel of peace.

" Blessed are the peacemakers".


You are not forgotten…

Veterans For Peace



Ms. Kelly: What a mistake the idiots made to put you in prison. Because you will tell what their cherished prisons really are like. Just as you always tell things as they are. An orientation toward people, like yours, will never fail anyone in this world. It’s just that the politicians and commentatoes almost never have this quality themselves. The other thing they almost always lack is the ability to see things in their proper complexity, e.g., Putin is all bad and everybody else is all good. Simply untrue. Learn more about the Ukraine, people!


Is there any doubt that if America were a person, he would be diagnosed as a psychopath?


Regarding the quote, what could possibly be of less importance to this generation than our poor? Consider both our policies and our public discussion about our poor to grasp just how much we value people above things.Even today’s “bold progressives” have written our poverty crisis right out of the discussion, apparently regarding this segment of the population as something less than human, more akin to rodents or pigeons.