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The Significance of Bernie Sanders' Decision to Enter the Democratic Primaries


The Significance of Bernie Sanders' Decision to Enter the Democratic Primaries

Tom Gallagher
Why has the longest serving independent member of Congress in American history just announced that he will seek the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination? Simply put, because Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), so long and so famously neither Democrat or Republican, has understood that the presidential primaries (and caucuses) offer him his best option for taking a politics of the 99 percent to the voters of the 99 percent.


What is the probability that YOU are going to get a card-carrying Socialist INTO the primaries, or beyond that, into the Oval Office? What happened in Seattle is great; but it doesn’t reflect much of this nation’s consciousness. Someone like Sanders speaks to the worker whose wages are not keeping up.

And this article speaks to your charge. Granted, it’s quite likely that the “early birds” first up to post AGAINST Sanders who simultaneously take NO position when Paul Buchheit points to the “sins of Big Capital” and its controls over our nation’s government, and similarly show NO outrage for any topic outside of Israeli aggression suggest extremely narrow interests. And it could well be that in their positioned “ultra Leftist” stances, what they really are endeavoring to do is shoot enough holes in any minimal challenge to the Status Quo as to maintain precisely THAT in place.

Here is the quote:

“Sanders is, in essence, simply acknowledging what we might call the “subtractive” aspect of the presidential election – and most American elections – the fact that if “third party” candidates don’t win, your vote for them is subtracted from the total available to prevent the candidate you like the least from beating the candidate who might have been your second choice. And Sanders was not about to have the message he intends to take to voters nationwide be drowned out by the continual static of whether his candidacy might inadvertently put a Republican in the White House. After all, Sanders’s problem with the Democrats has always been their failure to sufficiently distinguish themselves from the Republicans.”

Just like the likely right-wing trolls who take the battle Progressives face (in a corporately run global system) and blame Progressives for it; you take a controlled duopoly system and fault Bernie for determining which lesser of evil tactic might work to shake the status quo loose.

Nice work.


I’m supporting Bernie Sanders for President 2016. I gave his campaign $25 and will give more. He is the only voice speaking for the working person. He is the best of the best who thinks in the progressive vane. Is he a perfect political candidate? I’ve never met a perfect human being. No one has to agree with me 100% so my ego feels better.

The negative remarks found here are based in frustration over our Corporate Government and their feebleness in the face of massive problems that are going to blow up in our faces. Our only option is to change the Democratic Party into a 99% political force. We can only do that with our vote and support. Let’s scare the hell out of these pathetic Democratic politicians with our voting power. It’s our only option. There is no 3rd party option. That is an illusion and a bad illusion at that. I’ve been to Green Party organizational meetings and nothing gets done. Everyone has an opinion and never reaches consensus.


It is also important that we don’t pour too much physical and emotional energy into electoral politics and the peculiarly USAn four-year extravaganza in particular. Sure, support Sanders in the primary and caucus process, but spend more time organizing outside of the political sphere.

For example, if you live in Pittsburgh, there is a Mayday workers march starting at 6:00 PM at Station Square end of the Smithfield Street Bridge. It will proceed through downtown to Market Square.



Just because I will support Bernie’s run in the Democratic primaries, does not mean I will support the nominee, especially if it is Hillary. I absolutely will not vote for her. I expect, for the fourth time, to vote for the Green Party nominee for President in the general election if someone other than a Bernie Sanders is the nominee. I suspect that Bernie’s candidacy will at least temporarily expand the electorate for the Democratic Party, bringing in those who will ONLY support someone like Sanders, and will again vote for a third party candidate in the general if Bernie is not the nominee.


If you live in LA, please come to this TPP protest on May 7. We’ll meet in the park across the street from the Beverly Hills Hotel at 9650 Sunset Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA, 90210. Rally and press conference at 4. March to fundraiser at 5. To RSVP on Facebook, search Tell Hillary to Oppose TPP and Fast Track. We want to use this event to highlight that Hillary is still waffling while Bernie has come out strongly against this global corporate coup d’etat. If you don’t live in LA, please share this with friends who do.


Yes, CTS, how could Gallagher consider the “Democratic Party leadership a failure” ? The Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) was formed by the Clintons and others in 1985 and turned the Party into an enterprise with a billion dollar annual revenue stream, most of that revenue from corporations. That is not my definition of failure,by any metric.

Wall Street recently told the Democratic Party that if they nominated a candidate who was anywhere close to populist (Elizabeth Warren, specifically) that Wall Street would cut off the funds. Billion dollar enterprises don’t voluntarily forego big chunks of revenue.


With all things Clinton there is no evidence of their waffling, or need for us to assume anything,

The Clintons have an unequivocal track record from the time they participated in forming the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) in 1985 through eight years of executive branch corporate welfare and corporate crime decriminalization, followed by a US Senate voting record that only a Republican could love, and the Clintons’ personal enterprise that includes the largest book deal advance in history, eight figure annual corporate speaking fee revenue, and boatloads of corporate money flowing into the Clinton Family Foundation.


This man is shrewd! The only way to win is indeed by taking over the Democratic party and moving it to the left. Well done Bernie, my donation check is on the way.

I have no issues with Hillary other than being painfully aware of the vitriol, nay bile, she raises in about half, or possibly more, of the population. If he selects a good VP candidate, possibly Hillary, but not Ms. Warren, who should remain in the Senate for a while and lead from there. This would truly be a major step towards actually implementing the obvious fixes our economy and country need, as laid out in Bernie’s Progressive Budget.

Now, I’m going to go take a walk in nature with my young child and contemplate THAT potential utopian US of A!