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The Significance of Miscegenation: Israel Bans Arab-Jewish Romance Novel Because We Can't Have Both Sides Loving Each Other Now Can We?


The Significance of Miscegenation: Israel Bans Arab-Jewish Romance Novel Because We Can't Have Both Sides Loving Each Other Now Can We?

Education officials in Israel - you know, the People of the Book - has banned an award-winning young adult novel of love between an Israeli translator and a Palestinian artist because it "threatens the separate identity” of Jews, arguing young people don’t have "the systemic view" to understand "the significance of miscegenation,” aka they haven't quite learned to hate Arabs enough yet. A polite critic said the move raised "a stench (that) borders on racism; one less so likened it to "when Nuremberg came to Israel."


It surprises many that teachers and academics in literature studies in Israel requested the book be used in their curriculum.

When we look at the success of the rightwing in getting the book banned, we should pay careful attention to the rise of Trump’s racist and xenophobic rantings and the success they had in finding an audience. The forces of fascism exist in all peoples and countries and the decline of Israel into a racist rightwing state is a warning to us all.

Their progressives have a harder road to travel but it is heartwarming that they continue to exist and that there is opposition to these policies. However if fascism succeeds in establishing itself in America, we have a savage quality to our sins that we’d best avoid entirely. Trump is a creep and a half for attempting to awaken the worst in our souls.


An article reads: “The books targeted for burning were those viewed as being subversive or as representing ideologies opposed to [them]. These included books written by Jewish pacifist, classical liberal, anarchist, socialist, and communist authors, among others.”

This report had nothing to do with the systematic promotion of hatred and disdain by the Likud party and the political institutions that support it of the Palestinians of Gaza, the West Bank and those who are still residents of Israel. The article is describing the book burnings organized by the National Socialist German Workers’ Party in 1933 when it came to power as Hitler was voted in as Chancellor. The first thing they needed to get rid of were the subversive books before they started in with the writers of those books in the following year.


Separate identity will be our collective undoing. Why? Because it denies what we have in common: Existence, Life-- hence the truth of UNITY.



The basic ideological foundation of fascism is racial and ethnic hierarchy.

In other words, one race or ethnic group is considered superior to another.
It is obviously an ideology that was/is constructed in order to block a social class analysis of society.

Israel, unfortunately, is a theocracy similar to Iran. Under a theocracy, one set of religious beliefs is considered superior to others.

Because Israel was created by the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their villages and farmlands, the ideology that supported the terror and force used to expel Palestinians from their land was based on a belief in an ethnic/racial hierarchy i.e., European peoples of the Jewish faith had more right to occupy the land because they were superior to those people they displaced.

That ideology is Zionism. A form of religious nationalism that easily sinks into a fascist set of ideas.

It is a tragedy that a section of Israeli culture/ citizens is tending toward the ideology that was used by the Nazis (and allies) to justify the ethnic cleansing and extermination of Europeans of the Jewish faith.

They deserve the above terror and murder because they are out to destroy us and our way of life.

By the way, the extermination of Jewish and Siri Europeans was to be only a start to the Nazi elite practice of ethnic cleansing and extermination. After winning the war, they were planning to focus on the Slavic peoples (as they defined them), next.

In this instance, the “Slavs” were to be transported to an isolated sector of what was once Poland and starved to death. This was to include tens of millions of people. Only a small number were to be saved in order to be barely educated slaves for the planned relocation of German farmer-warrior settlers into formally Slavic territory.


Reinhart Heydrich is dancing and laughing in his grave.


And unfortunately, too many seem to be light sleepers.


Fascism is not restricted to race or ethnicity. It is a political structure first and foremost which has had racial and ethnic overlays but they are not a prerequisite.

Franco in Spain did not need race although with typical intolerance race was incorporated anyway.

Because the Nazis made antisemitism a major part of their ideology, race seems a necessary part of fascism but it isn’t.

Stalin’s communism was fascistic although the overlay was not capitalistic, the basic operation remained the same. There are those who will describe fascism in economic terms who will probably disagree with me on this. Just as might you on race and ethnicity being a necessary component of fascism but I primarily view fascism as a sociological phenomenon. A mentality and a psychology which is recognizable in allfascists of whatever stripe.

In short fascism is the organized dominance of a group (insiders) over another group (outsiders) in a political state/nation. The US and the THEM. WE decide and They obey. What is required by fascism is the suspension and/or removal of rights by authority. Privileges become offered in place of rights and can be withdrawn at will etc.

The similarity of fascistic states and organizations favors any US and Them division of people which is why racially discriminatory systems of governing all appear fascistic for the non dominant group. That is because they are.


Yeah really. I guess that is the way it is when people get too stressed. A question is left to be asked then >>>

When people were outsourced, foreclosed on, pensions robbed, saw trillions in tax cuts to the rich while they sank into debt while jobless, saw trillions in bank bailouts and faced data mining and the Patriot Act… whether or not this awesome amount of stress that was placed upon the people of this country by the surging oligarchy (the one who wants trade deals) was/is not just random but had been at least partially intended?

The rise of fascism may Trump our democracy as it was intended to perhaps. I think Trump is a short cut only but whichever oligarchist would take over (including Hillary but I think she is too smart to ever trust true fascism… she’s a plutocrat not a fascist) they would head for the corporate coup over democracy. Where that would lead? Trump takes the short cut. He’s seems an impatient fellow.


"Another critic carefully suggested “the complex formulations” against the book gave off “a stench of an aloof worldview that borders on racism.” ’

Borders on racism? Maybe racism is a bad choice because we are really talking about tribalism, which has the same effects but we’re not conditioned to its negative effects. We generally associate tribalism with American Indians, and that’s a good thing because they are on the ground looking up. But it is a strange use of borders, since it implies it’s not really racism or tribalism. So what is it?


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“maintaining the national-ethnic identity of the people and the significance of miscegenation.”

Or in much fewer words, "maintaining the purity of the race.’


A red calf has been born in Israel, the first for centuries, The prophecy has been it is the sign of the return of the Messiah. Check out www.shareinternational.org The story it tells is that the Messiah is indeed among us although he has many names, Christ, Krishna, Iman Mahdi, Kalki Avatar, Maitreya Buddha, the ever coming one that all major religions talk about in their prophecies of the second coming. This time round he will be known as Maitreya and he brings not peace but the sword of cleavage. He is stimulating the world with the Christ energy of Love and whatever it is we love, our fellow human beings, our planet, or weapons, war and greed, that becomes more potent and we become more polarised. We are all being faced with a choice on where to put our energy, trust and faith. When the Economic God of our making comes tumbling down I trust we will see ourselves as we really are, One human family, interconnected and interdependent.
By the way, Maitreya has not come as a religious leader but as a world educator and his message is simple, SHARE THE WORLD’S RESOURCES, that will create Justice and only then can there be Peace. It is simple and it starts with us!


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You are right it is a message as old as time itself. The esoteric ancient wisdom teachings talk about the ever-coming one who comes at the beginning of each new age to help humanity with its next step in evolution. They are the elder brothers and just like we need teaching to tie our shoelaces we need some help to take the next steps in our evolution. Humanity is standing at a crossroads and I for one can see the amazing spirit of co-operation, sharing and love that is spreading across the world albeit at the grassroots level and not widely acclaimed by media for reasons we all know about. These are exciting if challenging times and I feel it is a great privilege to be alive on the earth at this point in its history and grateful that there are older and more experienced beings around who can help us. Sharing and brotherhood are our next steps and once we get it we will transform the world. I will have a look at that book.