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"The Silence Breakers"—TIME's Person of the Year Captures Power of #MeToo


"The Silence Breakers"—TIME's Person of the Year Captures Power of #MeToo

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

"This is for every woman who came forward. This is for every woman who was brave enough to say #MeToo."


Sooooo… Last year the estimable Time magazine chooses the pussy-grabbing, lying, bigoted Trump as their person of the year and now, after the damage is done, Time elects to honor his would-be victims. If only… so many pussies to grab, so little time. Way to go Time magazine! Don’t rock the boat now, just keep shoveling coal in the boiler as we sail closer and closer to the edge of collapse.

“…:nearly every day, CEOs have been fired, moguls toppled, icons disgraced. In some cases, criminal charges have been brought,” it continues."

Yet the most blatant and admitted sexual abuser in the public eye escapes the career-ending treatment he deserves.

The only ray of hope I see in this whole shit-storm is that Trump could successfully intimidate his accusers in the past because they could not compete with the moneyed resources and weapons Trump could bring to bear to keep them silent. Surely, some of these women should now have the backing and the resources to see them through whatever legal onslaught that disgusting pig in the WH might threaten.

Editor-in-chief Edward Felsenthal said the movement was being honored “For giving voice to open secrets, for moving whisper networks onto social networks, for pushing us all to stop accepting the unacceptable.”

Here’s a clue Mr. Felsenthal: Trump’s attitude and actions towards women were no secret when you chose him last year. HE IS ON VIDEOTAPE BOASTING ABOUT HIS BEHAVIOR.

So, for all the male Trump voters out there in confused America don’t forget to grab your wife by the pussy when you get home tonight (or if you’re in Alabama, your daughter’s,) sit down, have a beer, read Time magazine and try to figure out just what the fuck they’re on about. Because surely, it has nothing to do with you.

It wouldn’t surprise me in the least to find out that the Republican majority in Congress was a close runner-up at Time magazine for this “honor.”


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