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The Silence of Trump: How US President Gives Tacit Support to Terror Against Muslims


The Silence of Trump: How US President Gives Tacit Support to Terror Against Muslims

CJ Werleman

Regardless of the issue, you just can’t shut Donald Trump up. Lord knows, his three campaign managers and current and former White House chief of staff have nearly died trying.


Both the Trump candidacy and presidency have mobilised and empowered those who wish to carry out acts of violence against Muslim Americans. These right-wing extremist elements take their cues from the president, who has demonised Muslims, Islam and immigrants.

It’s not just civilian right-wing extremists that have been emboldened by Trump. It also includes some individuals in government array of security and law enforcement agencies and, of course, it’s not aimed solely at Muslims. Trump has accelerated this country’s slide into a third world state. “Your papers, please!”


Not sure what the hope is from the comment made, but those who are thought by the book they read to inflict terror in the hearts of the unbelievers may not have every day a sunny wonderful day. I was never one for the bully, but for those who stand up to the bullies. I love America and hope others do as well.


The Southern Poverty Law Center does a great job of tracking hate crimes. It is a very valuable resource at this time as Trump has unleashed hate against a number of minority groups. It also follows what these right-wing armed militias are up to. That organization is more valuable than ever right now.


"People of all faiths, all ages and all races came together Tuesday evening at the Dar Al Farooq Islamic Center in Bloomington to show their support and denounce the destruction wrought from an explosive hurled into an imam’s office Saturday morning.

The crowd of at least 1,000 people gathered on the back lawn of the mosque and listened to more than 20 speakers — imams, priests, rabbis and lay people. They all shared the same message: We are all one Minnesota. We will not let hate win." -Pet Pheifer, Minneapolis Star Tribune reporter, August 9, 2017.

Governor Dayton called it a terrorist attack, saying if things were reversed, everyone would call it that. Still… NO WORD FROM TRUMP.

I wish I could cite the source, but I heard either on the radio or TV news that Trump had reportedly said maybe it was the Left who did the bombing.

The FBI is investigating. Their bomb experts are skilled in finding pieces and determining where bomb parts came from and who put them together.