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The Silent Terrorism on Our Doorsteps


The Silent Terrorism on Our Doorsteps

Christian Christensen

Let’s begin with two questions.

Can you name the location of the two most deadly US mass shootings of 2017? And, can you identify what the two events had in common?

The answers?


The role of media in influencing minds is critical and today’s highly monopolized and corporate controlled media gives large capital greater influence than ever, we have to think of ways of combating monopolized control over knowledge, information and analysis


These are excellent points especially for people who habitually avoid them (most Americans, either through sheer ignorance of facts or emotional avoidance due to the subject being too close for comfort). However your statement, “Journalism is all about choices,” leaves one of the most more important factors out - and I daresay it’s the most important when it comes to choosing what to cover.

Nearly all news sources that are televised (or put on the radio) in America and much of Western society are driven MAINLY by money, profit, catering to their advertisers and underwriters and shareholders. The long game is always, ALWAYS, about ratings. THAT is why they avoid what they avoid. Hence the drift away from broadcast news and toward internet news (which yes, includes ‘fake news’ along with alternate news).

The honest conversation people need to have will not be driven by ‘the news.’


I would add to this the seemingly invisible ‘cost’ of our MIC, where 22 veterans commit suicide each day.



And they have a human right to the best meds.

While most of the USA has been captivated by the War on Drugs for several decades MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) has soldiered on by themselves to unlock medical mysteries, overcome ignorance and racism, and help medically those in need.

In reading the title of this news (DEA Approves First-Ever Trial of Medical Marijuana for PTSD in Veterans) we must ask ourselves, “Why is the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) which has absolutely NOTHING to do with medicine or healthcare, controlling the purse strings for medical cannabis research in the USA ?”

(Until only recently, it was even against federal law for VA doctors to even recommend medical cannabis to patients for the treatment of depression/anxiety/PTSD and anything else, even in medical marijuana states.)


" The London bombing got heavy coverage in the US because it fit into a post 9/11 media narrative about " Islamic terror" and violence that has been promoted ( by the news organizations) for 15 years."

" Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." Adolf Hitler


Fear of the threat of possible terror and death against us as the possible victim vs. domestic violence against someone else as the victim. Media sees the former as a money-maker that can be strung out forever and the latter as a one-time episode without any money-making staying power.

Domestic violence and terrorism are essentially the same. An act or threat of death and injury to create a change in behavior, driven by fear. The only difference is the scale.

If domestic violence were called what it actually is — household terror — we’d accord it a much higher and appropriate level of response and attention compared to the very rare event of terrorist attack.


Apparently Tweetle-Dumb is smarter than we’ve been assuming — at least he’s alert enough to try to ape Hitler.   Now if he could just remember the same lie from one rally to the next . . .


I’ve believed for some time that the must be some sort of pow wow between the news cartels before national broadcast lest one gets the ‘scoop’ on the other networks and ratings spike on the ‘scooper’. This keeps things even and civilized. I myself couldn’t name either incident here as I rarely pay attention the news media and I was drunk some of May anyway. There seems to be certain designated enemies and foreign terrorists have fared very well indeed for over 15-20 years or so. This is really too bad as few people have the time or inclination to pour over dozens of sites to ascertain the ‘real’ news of the day, it’s one of my obsessions of late. The cable shows have separated themselves into two ‘teams’ the “left”, really the fake left, and the “right”, really a further right version of the fake left with the same corporate financial, warring goals in mind for all to ‘consume’. There needs to be some variety and depth or the ‘news’ is reduced to soundbites for consumers to ingest.


No argument with anything said in this piece. I also note from an article in the last day or two that of the 1,686 women murdered, about 65% or so were killed by white men; for most of those the weapon of choice was a gun, usually a handgun. So… white men and guns, two of our culture’s sacred cows. As far as black, brown or yellow men killing their women, hey…who cares?

None of this will cause people to binge on their stories, which means advertisers won’t be buying time to sponsor them. It’s not that hard…just follow the money.


And the secretary of education wants to make sure that the system can reinforce male perpetrators.


Great essay. Thank you.


You keep hearing about how awful Islam is because of honor killings. What the blazes do you think most of these killings of women are if not “honor” killings!? Some guy has his feelings hurt because a woman he used to dominate rejected him and so he goes and kills her to protect his “honor.” You will note the preponderance of these killings occurring in places or cultures that have a tradition of violence as a defense of a man’s honor.

And in too many cases where the woman has asked the police for protection, she gets ignored. After she’s dead, the cops claim they couldn’t have known what was going to happen.


Nor is there any mention of the native women and girls that disappear because of the man-camps in the oil and gas areas. And barely a mention when the bodies turn up dead.


The United States is just beginning to face up to the fact that domestic violence is a huge problem, but it hasn’t gone far enough in that respect.


What a great article. It makes you see how tightly controlled corporate media really is. Chomsky’s DVD and book Manufacturing Consent deals with media as well in a brilliant way. I think the point Chomsky has made is that while the media is free in the US, it functions quite subservient to the government and in line with the agenda of big business.