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The Silver Linings of Silver-Tongued Donald


The Silver Linings of Silver-Tongued Donald

Ralph Nader

Are there any silver linings to the tumultuous, degrading, sordid presidential campaign of Donald Trump—a failed gambling czar, corporate welfare king, and supreme hypocrite to his own accusations about others?

Yes. Here are seven:


Yet, in spite of all of this, he has made this a close race because enough voters are sweeping all these conventional variables aside in their fury. Go figure. We better do just that right after election day.

Not hard to figure at all, Ralph, when the Democratic cesspool of a party offers voters Hillary Clinton as an alternative. Can the filthy two party system sink any lower? It probably will, despite being hard to imagine.

Go Green.


Trump has certainly woken us up to the fact that there is powerful white nationalist movement in this country. Before this campaign I thought most Americans had either embraced multiculturism or at least at accepted it. But now we see that millions want a different type of America altogether. And the same movement is gaining strength in a number of European countries.


Historically, across the globe, acceptance of and embracing "multiculturalism" rises in sync with income and wealth equality.

Recall most of the multicultural advances in US history occurred during the forty years (1933-1973) that FDR's New Deal controlled corporations to the extent that income and wealth equality experienced its zenith. As the New Deal has experienced four decades of bipartisan dismantling, "multiculturalism" has become a lever in bipartisan divide and conquer strategy to deliver for the 1% at the expense of the 99%.

Saint Ronny's revolution in tandem with the 1985 formation of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) accelerated income and wealth inequality to a velocity that continues to push more workers into poverty and against multiculturalism.

If Clinton or Trump win on November 8 the income and wealth inequality gap will continue to widen, further eroding acceptance of and embracing "multiculturalism". Why would Clinton or Trump want it any other way...it enhances their ability to divide and conquer.

Anybody valuing "multiculturalism" needs to vote Green in 16.


"Only the Super-rich Can Save Us"?


Both Trump and Clinton are obdurate liars. What has come out in this electoral process is the fact that most Americans are not bothered by the fact that they are liars. The winner will be the one who tells the lies that most people want to hear. Look at the lies that led us into the Iraq War. 72% of Americans believed them because they were so pissed off about 9/11 (another set of lies) that they wanted to go to war, actual evidence be damned.

Fully a quarter of Americans think the sun goes around the Earth. A third of them take the Bible literally which means that the Earth was created 6000 or so years ago. Add on to this number the folks who stand to make a buck from believing one set of lies or another and you have the makings for a real horse race of an election.


Number 4 is incredibly important. The disdain for the concept of "political education" in our schools must end. Conservatives and right wing fanatics have not been at all shy about indoctrinating millions of people against progressive change, especially over the last 30 years. To the point where republicans argue with a straight face that Hillary will pursue (or impose) a progressive agenda on Americans.
The left needs to take the battle to the hearts and minds of young people, many of whom have been in the past apathetic about politics (understandably so). That has been changing, especially with the awakening brought about by Bernie's campaign. It must continue, and one way is to strengthen the Green Party as a third party in this country. Vote Stein/Baraka on Tuesday!


Both Clinton and Trump tell lies even when they don't have to, like psychopaths. That's how they got to be where they are in this world.


That was a novel, in other words, fiction.



I find this is so; ""charter schools" and other privatizing changes are not done to improve education, but to make more people conform to the Koch-bros ideas of what is good for the USA. Iff public schools are well-supported and funded, with teachers encouraged and helped, not denigrated, they can provide a good education suited for all, and including modern science facts and arguments which all modern children really need.


That's why we must do everything we can to help save the billionaires.


Saving billionaires is precisely what Clinton will prioritize and what Trump will charge his subordinates to do while he is out making America great again, whatever that is.


And work hard so they won't have to


If Clinton or Trump wins, the November 8 election WILL keep a silver lining intact for the 1% along with a barbed wire lining for the 99%.

The only silver lining election 2016 could possibly produce for the 99% would be if neither Clinton or Trump won.