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The Sinister Side Effect of Amazing New Cancer Drug: One Dose Costs Nearly $500K


The Sinister Side Effect of Amazing New Cancer Drug: One Dose Costs Nearly $500K

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

On Wednesday, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday approved a new cancer therapy developed by the pharmaceutical company Novartis that experts hope may revolutionize the way doctors treat cancer—but the half-million dollar price tag has sparked a national conversation the costs of life-saving treatments.


If that $500,000 had been used to actually investigate the causes of cancer
it would have overturned capitalism, its harmful concepts and products.


Sounds like Novartis’ Chief Exec Jimenez’ “Value-based pricing” translates to "How much is your loved one’s life worth to you?"
Their “non-disclosed” investment dwarfs tax-payer subsidized research. Really? I’d like to see how they figure that out. What exactly, and how far back they are going to look at the enormous store of basic research done through public funding.
This is yet another reason why we need single-payer, medicare for all healthcare. Pharma companies could not do this if we went this route to guaranteed health care paid for by the government. Until we make this shift, millions will die because of the greed of this and the health insurance industries.


What is the actual cost - labour at a fair (but not excessive - and US MD’s salaries ARE excessive) rate, and materials for this treatment - plus some extra for overhead. I’m sure it is probably tiny fraction of $475K. That is what it should cost - and that is what it WILL cost in most countries outside the US.


There would still be plenty of cancer cases without man-made pollutants. Cancer was around long before industrial capitalism was. The only reason it was less prevalent was not recognized (especially blood-cell and marrow cancers) and particularly, other diseases killed people first.


Medicine is now only for the !%.


I’l take my chances with the afterlife.


A perfect example of the asinine capitalist approach to life. Charge an immense sum because 'you’re worth it," and price everybody out so that only a select few can take advantage of your product. Then sneer at those who can’t and pretend you’re somehow blessed by your deity because you can walk on everyone else’s head.


Imagine if the US could negotiate drug prices on behalf of its 300+ million citizens.


A couple points to bear in mind:

  1. 85 - 95% of drugs never make it through clinical trials. Therefore, every successful drug is paying for the research on the 6 - 19 drugs that didn’t succeed

  2. 90% of life science companies go out of business

  3. While people may put some objective value on “a human life”, to most people, their own is priceless.

  4. Unless you’re advocating the use of violence, no one has the ability to force someone else to sell you something at the price you feel is appropriate

Shame on the government for not attaching strings to research money. (although the article doesn’t note that the research money went to Novartis).

I do like the notion of efficacy-based pricing though - you only pay if it works.


Medicare for all. Cancel a bomber or two and give the dose to anyone who needs it.


Evil. That is the only word to describe America’s - and the entire neo-liberal capitalist profit-driven economic system, world-wide - greed-driven societal structure. Or sick. Or both. A society is on its deathbed when it puts Mammon above the value of a human life. Hospital/insurance company/drug company profits are more important than human lives. That is a fact. Any society with such utterly-fucked up priorities does not deserve to exist. And all of the slimy human excrement that run our government and the companies that drive this system (interchangeable, I know) do not deserve to exist.

We laid waste to Iraq for the 3,000 American deaths that resulted from 9-11 - despite the fact that not a single one of the terrorists came from that country. Yet 50,000 Americans die each year due to lack of access to quality healthcare due to the greed of our sick, twisted, and evil capitalist oligarchs - and not a peep anywhere.



GEEEE!!! How much does it cost to make it? What’s the profit margin? And how about if it went into large scale production? Sounds like a weird fairy tale to me. Useless nonsense.


Yeah - odds are that I have or will have cancer at some point (it’s practically an epidemic now, something like 37% of all Americans living now will develop cancer); believe I’d rather go out with some grace rather than pay some exorbitant blood-ransom to some rich fuck CEO and his shareholders to squeeze out a few more years in this shitty, twisted country.


Your endless soft-pedaling of serious problems caused by technology is discouraging.

When you claim “the only reason it was less prevalent,” do you seriously assert that there is no impact on cancer rates from the massive tonnage of endocrine-disrupting chemicals released into the environment over the past 75 years?

So far you have an up-vote from the fundamentalist pro-capitalist in the thread…


Profit-based healthcare is a subset of profit-based life. We are all just worker bees to be harvested through the grand ponzi scheme known as the free market.

I have worked long enough to hear corporate people talk about gaining more “share of wallet” of the average person. It’s one of the more if not the most putrid phrases of capitalist argot. You’ve probably heard this term too if you work in any medium to large organization. We dehumanize people to faceless “customers” and then find ways to get more out of their wallets, leaving them bereft of basic living capabilities.

The medical and pharma borgs have now fully uploaded this operating system. It is detestable and humanistically criminal.

We have lost sight of doing what we love, what’s right for the commonweal because we desire to help others and make things better. Now it’s all about getting filthy rich at the expense of others as wallets, from the womb to the tomb.

Value-based pricing in the medical field is a euphemism for extortion: “Your money or your life.”

The true sickness is epidemic in the for-profit medical and pharma CEO suites Pathalogical greed.


One would have to rob an awful lot of banks to pay for this overpriced treatment. I’m sure some desperate father or mother would try.


Uh, it cannot go into “large scale production”. Apparently is is based on the patient’s T cells so it is customized for each patient. As with other drugs, the price will probably come down.

A better way to compare cost is to compare it to regular cancer therapy cost. Apparently this is one treatment. How much would it cost to treat a patient with existing drugs? What is the survival rate. Things are not all black and white.


They would never cure it if they couldn’t make even more profit off the cure. Cancer itself is an industry so a cure was never expected. Don’t mistake this for I agree with the sociopaths and the pricing. I don’t. I believe we should cap profit margin on drug companies and all medical care.


I kinda hope someone takes the ceo and people like that with them. Just my devils hat…oh wait, it’s my angel of justice wings.