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The Sitting President Has No Climate Plan. Why Isn’t That Headline News?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/02/sitting-president-has-no-climate-plan-why-isnt-headline-news

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Its Gods plan he will say !

He’s like a child , there all children in reality .
Denial is used to continue the illusion,responsibility is for the adults in the room .
When the adults arrive ,we will grow up.

“There’s a lot in the media and on the public plate to digest: protests for racial justice; violence in the streets; near a million lives lost to worsening Covid-19; an economic crisis; unemployment; just a few matters of pressing concern that deserve journalistic rigor, matters closely intertwined with the climate crisis.”

Key sentence in this edited paragraph is
“Matters closely intertwined with the climate crisis.”
I expect good journalism will describe how each matter
is specifically and/or objectively intertwined.

How is the global economy like the car?
Both systems - economic and urban/suburban transport.
Both systems varying in scale:
Global, National, State, regional, local economies.
Cars/trucks, mass transit, bicycling, walking (for urban/suburban travel).
Just as cars are an impediment to the other modes of travel,
so too the global economy is an impediment to the lesser,
though no less fundamental, scales of economy.

Anyway, this is an attempt to roughly infer how matters intertwine,
between the car, the global economy and the climate crisis.
And don’t get me started on “driverless” car nonsense.
You’d think the highly intelligent and conscientious good people
at NPR radio would have figured long ago it’s a high tech scam.
Give us your money so we can spend it on our sexy Tom Cruise lie.

He most certainly has a climate plan: deny, deflect, and distract. Foment hatred and internal discord if necessary.


I agree with most of your post. The one thing I do not agree on is a focus on “pressuring biden to save the planet”.
Sure, if he somehow gets in, trump is gone there must be continued and stepped up action for a habitable planet (at least for a few more years?)

I hope the People’s party grows and that there will be continued but increased pressure to stop the destruction of the spheres of life.

Biden cannot save the planet even if he wanted to ----and given his stance on fracking and the MIC . . . let’s just say he’s not the guy----
the largest industrial military in the history of the world is also the single biggest polluter on the planet.

Given the science re: cryosphere melt and where we are at as a species regarding tipping points crossed and on the verge of being crossed it most likely is too late to save diverse life forms on the planet.

I was hoping for mitigating with compassion. But that is not looking too hopeful either given trump may win and Biden is far from the poster child of compassion.

I will still work to get trump ousted. Even if we are collapsing, it would be nice to see him in jail. A bright spot if you will. . . .

The author calls it an outrage that Trump has no climate plan.
But Trump’s base – the votes he can count on – are happy he doesn’t have one.
That’s how winning electoral politics works – get your base out to vote by giving them what they want.

On the other hand, a plan that is a Green New Deal “in all but name” is a weasel-worded way of pretending to do what needs to be done without actually doing it. The left flank of Biden’s base can recognize bullshit. We can recognize when the pledge to end fossil fuel subsidies is removed from a platform so that fossil fuel money rolls into party coffers. We can recognize the dishonesty in the Obama/Biden posse taking credit for The Paris Accords, after they had refused to sign the “non-binding” agreement until it was watered down into worse than meaninglessness.

That’s how losing electoral politics works – blow smoke and hope your base falls for it.

Trump said about a month ago that he was comming out with a healthcare plan in two weeks? It was going to be one of his executive orders—hasn’t happened???

We are in the middle of a pandemic and there is no one in the media demanding that Trump make clear his stands on healthcare???

It’s funny—I am listening to this lady Antonia on DN talking about the oil industry----the oil industry is being propped up ------most of the tankers are parked-----and her concern is the evnvironment----and why we are propping up this industry------is Antonia a conservative capitalist???

“Sirios, I agree with you, but do not agree about pressuring Biden to save the planet. If he gets in and Trump is gone, we must continue stepped up action for a habitable planet. I hope People’s Party grows and increases pressure to stop the destruction of our only bio-spheres of living creation Earth.”

We drive too much too far for too many dubious reasons. Fly too much. Truck and ship goods around the world too much. Too much. Too much!

“Biden could not save the planet if he wanted to. Given his stance on fracking and the MIC, given the science and where we are as a species facing tipping points crossed on the verge most likely too late to save life forms of our planet.”

Ahem, Biden is correct to declare preservation of existing fossil fuel raw energy resources be protected. Bill Gates agrees with latest Transportation blog post.

“I hoped for mitigating with compassion, but no longer hopeful given Trump may win and Biden is far from the poster child of compassion.”

Ahem, figure Trump will lose this time. Figure he’s toast. He’s a gluttony glob fiery flashing fury and foul vulgar rude menacing dictator of class warfare, while dying, the ugliest American orange headed heraldic figure to lost traditions, church and country, morning chores and school bus schedules, lost values.

“I will work to get trump ousted. Even if our world does collapse, it would be good to have him imprisoned.”

Well then Caroline, you are ready to continue. Face the future believing we will win and evil will depart. Old fart Biden will change some things for sure.

Ok, if you want to look at it that way, Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot didn’t have climate plans either, and that also went under the radar.

and the Democratic plan is so pathetically weak that it leaves us exposed to climate collapse while it supports the industries causing the damage–there is NO plan from any of our so called leaders to address the crisis with the urgency needed to avert complete collapse of our ecosystems–they do this for the bribes they collect from those same corporations for their campaigns