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'The Situation Is Dire': As Trump Takes Victory Lab, New Jobs Report Reveals Alarming Surge in Permanent Unemployment

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/04/situation-dire-trump-takes-victory-lab-new-jobs-report-reveals-alarming-surge


article title should be “victory LAP,” not victory LAB.


Narcissistic personality disorder - One completely fucked up president who only cares about his own problems (going to prison, money, power, and sex) and no one else’s.

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Just in case working class America hasn’t figured this out yet, sorry, but the labors of many of you are no longer required.
The wealthy now have everything they want and need. Please, try and not to starve to death in their line of sight.


I think there’s a lot of narcissistic hoarding dregs that need to be forced to welcome the peons into their palatial dumps, or risk having them burned to the ground (preferably with them in them)!



Why are they saying its “permanent” ? isnt that a bit premature, given that people are still alive, and hopefully will be able to get jobs again sometime, that is unless they are outsourced as we’re possibly being forced to by this dispute.


What will the jobs pay? Well, evidently, it was declared that guest workers have to be paid at least a legal US wage. Trying to pay an engineer $6.47 an hour (based on a 40 hour a week work week) was too little.

Everybody in the world who works deserves to make a LIVING WAGE. I know that phrase is anathema to some people but a living wage should be enough to live well enough to pay for the basic necessities of life. It should be a lot higher than US minimum wage which is being kept artificially low by trade ideology and agreements, - which may expose governments to international ISDS and ISDS-like lawsuits if they raise them.



Only in America when you do not have a job you are considered not unemployed.

It has been said: Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and Bull Shit (BS) are synonymous

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Table A-15 (from the BLS)

Remember that the U6 is more accurate than the U3 number which is the one BOTH parties like to use and keeping in mind that the Republicans destroy everything they touch - including the BLS


Truthful translation: We, the wealthy, who own everything, traded away some unknown but potentially huge number of the country’s jobs in a trade agreement 26 years ago, and we never told the country a thing and are now trying to cover it up by telling all sorts of lies, to make it plausible.

But the one thing you’ll never get from us is the under LYING truth. Why not?

1.) We dont want to compensate anybody for anything of this loss, and we want people to be convinced they are not part owners of the country, you are just out of luck, obsolte workers who are outliving your benefits. Somehow people went to bed on some particular date as citizens of a democratic nation and woke up the next morning basically soon to be slaves. By some sleight of hand trick called the WTO. WTO has already killes at least 26 million* more likely over 40 million poor people who had AIDS in the 1990s mostly in Africa, and Asia, but substantial numbers here, by making drugs that it turns out literally cost pennies to make, cost $30-50 a day, money that had to be paid by somebody with AIDS every day for the rest of their lives. (BTW Thats the model they’d likely prefer for COVID-19)
*mostly children

2.) Economics may be called the dismal science, but it still is a science. But it has a responsibility to expose this theft and not rubber stamp murder committed by politicians.

When asked why they didnt tell the truth about this, one economist put it bluntly.
“we would lose our corporate funding”.

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Which one?

16.8% is true unemployment rate says National Jobs for All Coalition, that’s 28.2 million for U6 unemployment: either no job, not enough job, disengaged from workforce but want a job. NJFAC (dot) org. That’s twice the official 8.4%. This is down from almost 20% a few months ago. Looking at the “employment to population rate” for age 25 to 54 is also a truer picture. Today, Sept. report for August 2020, the rate is same as all of 2010 and 2011, the lowest 2 years of the recession of 2008-2009. (See St. Louis Fed for the rate.) It is too complicated, basically, but one is six are not working or they are under-utilized. They would like to be fully employed at a living wage. Then mix in “average weekly earnings of production and non-supervisory workers”, the pay in 1965 was higher than 2020 February, adjusting for inflation. (see BLS data series: CES0500000031 – for this graph.) So with one in six not working fully employed, and all on average receiving wages that are about a third what they were in 1965 if relative to total national income, we have a disaster for working people who earn a paycheck, they are not self-employed, for about 80% of U.S. workers. Total national income was about $16.5 trillion or $18 trillion pre-tax, and that puts “average” household income at $129,000 per year, or up to $146,000 pre-tax, (BEA (dot) gov, Table 2.1, Personal Income) but half have household income below $63,000 (the median), which is half the average. And then look at wealth/savings, household net worth – another disaster, with 40% of private households owning 0.1% of all household net worth, says Credit Suisse Banks Global Wealth report, (Databook, page 168). Virtually no savings for 40%, no job for one in six. Not a great economy. My blog is Economics Without Greed, Part Two, if interested, see August 2019 essay. We are trying to match the inequality in Mexico or maybe even China. $5.30 per day is the minimum wage in Mexico, 80 cents per hour – here we come.

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I’ve been following this issue like a train wreck in slow motion for quite some time, and have had a lifetime of discussions about what we will do as we head towards the work-sparse future.

I am trying to make people aware of a big problem that exists with alleged “agreements” which attempt to give the global investor class certainty. There is a lot that might interest you on my blog. policy space dot xyz

Are you aware of a dispute currently pending in Geneva over jobs and whether we have the right to limit movement of natural persons to provide services??

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They’re saying “permanent” because the jobs these people were laid-off from are gone, never coming back. Doesn’t mean they will never work again, just not employed by the employer they worked for when COVID started.

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The NGO industry should not be protected when they hide important facts like GATS’ facts.

Why do we tolerate liars who cover these deals up?

Poor people are literally dying of starvation in the UK, and the media there is covering it up. We’re heading into that most horrible of disasters, a cult-caused genocide. (We’re led by a cult, its not two inept or argumentative parties, its a cult and the two US parties are for some intents and purposes a sham now. This is a political theatre.

People wonder how people could be so stupid.

Im unfortunately familiar with political genocides because Ive studied them, The first one that I became aware in a deeper sense than most people was the events of the late 90s in North Korea. Would you like to read a few book about it. Its one of the best short books that I have read on the DPRK. Do you know much about them? I do, Iv’e met a number of DPRK defectors and I follow the news from the DPRK.

Its east to laugh at them bnut we would be making a bad mustake because the situation there is boyh tragi abd realIve felt for a long time that our own (and the UK’s and australia’s and perhaps Indias) governments were posessed of a very similar disease.

But the DPRK is in a class by itsek

We’re next.
I’m serious.

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No I don’t know anything about the DPRK, but I don’t laugh at them, for years I’ve felt pity for the people trapped there. As I have commented on many stories here at CD, one of our main problems is the CIA is literally running the Justice Department with Barr. It’s long so I won’t repost it here, but check out the links with my post in the story of Barr lying about voter fraud today.

Interesting blog, policy space. I read a sample, the short essay on Mexican maquiladoras operating with Covid-19. The magazine Dollars and Sense this month has an article on this topic. Essential and Expendible, the title. How can you make a difference? How can I? I suggest you continue writing and expanding on the topics you do best. I commented on your comment because I could appreciated your analysis and knowledge. So keep at it.

Other countries “would get the wrong idea” if we had sane tactics to minimize deaths in our factories. They might shut down US corporations which do most of their manufacturing overseas now.

Look at the keyword “force majure” for some interesting legal links.