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'The Situation Is Dire': As Trump Takes Victory Lab, New Jobs Report Reveals Alarming Surge in Permanent Unemployment

I guess we can assume that these measures are being taken advantage of by corporations and investors. On the other hand the working poor are in the dark, and will remain there til death.

The US is much more concerned about the profits of its rich people and major corporations than anybody else in the world. By far.

I think the result of all this is that the working poor wont we working for much longer at the rate things are going now, maybe just a few years.

Seriously. Thats how large the gap is.

Certain kinds of jobs dont matter to them at all because they are not profitable for them, but they are the bread and butter jobs that puts food on the table for millions of US families. The thing that nobody realizes is , there wont be any compensation, (especially for young people that everybody seems to be lying to the most) and there woint be any attempt to reduce the hardships from outsourcing them.

This is a lot more of a national emergency than Democrats or Republicans would ever acknowledge because what it should be is an indictment of both of them and our system for destroying itself and the middle class that created all this wealth AND ITS LEGITIMACY.

They will just wine about profitability but the truth is they are not doing badly. They are just greedy.

This should especially be an indictment of Sanders for being so slimy - it really is slimy to not tell people these important facts and instead giving the same speech that fails in every respect to tell the truth when the truth is called for. History wont be kind to Bernie Sanders for this mssed opportunity and dishonesty.

He’s becoming more and more of an apologist for really bad things and bad people. These economic things matter more to people in their day to day lives than the only issues that get any traction with Biden. They are setting up an impossible situation for people,. People dont realize how evil these agreements are or that they have taken away the power to be what governments used to be. Now helping people is framed as a theft from corporations.

How are people going to survive without decent jobs and with the crap jobs basically being fought over by the starving once middle class. People are already dying of starvation, literally in the UK but the media is largely hushing it up.

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I will, thank you! The DPRK is just a heartbreaking mess. Literally nothing surorises me from there but it also has a very tiring regularity, and faiure to EVER move forward, and in that respect its a lot like the US these days. Meaning, the people allegedly on top may change, but dont expect any improvements from either Biden or Trump and instead the potential for very bad things when the government is so dishonest and has such rigid ideology. In that resect we’re getting more like the DPRK pretty quickly.

Abandon hope, you who enter here…

You just get burned out by these setups…

. They will drain anybody, The DPRK is terrified of the truth, because they have a very lot to hide…

They internally exile, or imprison and not infrequently even exterminate a lot of people simply for the dumbest of possible things… Singing the wrong song, making a cynical comment while drunk. Having family members who fled to the South and receiving an inquiry from them seeking a reunion with ones sister.

The US is tunrning into a Jekyll Hyde sort of nation which has this dark, hidden aspect, which is manifested in our trade policy but has all these domestic repercussions which explain how fucked up things are getting.

I’ll post two links by Jane Kelsey which are about TISA and also GATS, which TISA extends.

These are very good.

If you are interested in the DPRK there is a short free pamphlet you can read, its by Ali Lameda, who was a Venezuelan poet, a communist, who went to the DPRK after being hired by them to help translate Kim Il Sungs works into Spanish. he barely escaped with his life. He ws saved by the intervention on his behalf by the late Romanian dictator Nikolai Ceausescu, who was a friend of Kim Il Sung.


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TELL PEOPLE - lots of people about how its all a sham.

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No, they will wake up eventually, but by then they will already be in prison working for a dollar a day, making US business (profitable) again. Or maybe (this actually seems more likely) the income will become an entitlement of foreign corporations that warehouse them in some cheaper country.

Who knows, maybe in the DPRK, I hear they have “privatized” some of their notorious coal mines - which are in places like Pukchang, the former Camp 18, previously run by their national police (not the norious MSS, they had at one time run Camp 18, but many years ago moved across the river to Camp 14, which has two known escapees/survivors.)

One of them saw what he thought were US servicemen at one of these camps, from a distance (recognizable because of their height)

Well, I for one am about to beef up security around my humble home. We think someone recently entered our home and stole a few small items. We haven’t made a habit of locking our doors if we go away for the day for forty years now. But the time has come.
As far as me working for the man for a dollar a day, it ain’t happening.


Please beef up your security a lot.

If somebody stole something, they will be back.

What is police response time in your area, will calling the police or making a lot of noise make sense?

the first line of defense is making it physically hard to get in, the second is visibility, sight lines, dont make it easy for robbers to hide.

Most US locks are very low security, European locks are far better. Invest in a decent lock. make sure windows lock and cant be easiy opened when youre out.

I have a burglar alarm. Its very loud and its discouraged thieves several times.

Also, don’t make yourself a target. I am not rich so its not hard for me !

A burglar alarm is little use if you live in the middle of nowhere, though. That would be a scary situation. The reason both parties are focusing on law and order is because they both know that they are about to make it so much harder for people to get by we’ll likely see lot more crime, and they have no answer for that, they have already sold us down the river, so its not negotiable.

the election is certainly not about to change anything in any good way, it will just allow the rubber stamping of the agenda they already have. We are literally the last in the world to know. (we still dont have a clue)

I keep forgetting how much drug addiction there is now, and some news story brings my attention to it. That is a really horrible situation.

One thing I am thinking about as I make my rants is how we’re really fucking up the lives of our young people to make these deals without even asking them what they want. What the politicians have done is trade away areas of poilicy that most people dont even realize they could. So its going to come as a huge shock that this was done, there will be no way to make it up to young people, it will just turn their lives into shit.

They’ll realize all this Bernie stuff was an act, to steal their chances of speaking up and are unlikley to see it the way that those who they blame for it do.

What do they care about “our” murderous drug firms getting higher prices for drugs when their friends are dying of unaffordable insulin, what do they care about making it more certain that jobs we outsource are not sent back to the US by bad experiences overseas, like revolutions there, instead, we’ll give them -well, other countries elites children, our young peoples jobs.

Since they will do them for less, and having grown up wealthy, are more the kinds of people they want to help.

Already planned this out. One entry will be barred, it will take a battering ram to get past. The other entry is getting a dead bolt added.
In addition, a back door camera, and a motion detector and light…
Maybe a dog, or a dog recording that would be set off with motion detector.
With what I already have, it will only cost me the camera and motion detectors.

Bars are essential in some situations. I have a pretty extensive security system, I guess.

Dogs are great. they become a member of the family and can be almost human.

Also, some kinds of dogs just give you total security. they would sacrifice their lives for you. Especially for a young woman, who wants to get exercise to stay in shape, a dog in the city is really a huge help because people wont bother her, ever.

A smart dog is great. Not the yappy little dogs, a big dog like a husky or malamute or Samoyed or German Shepherd. having a Samoyed is like having your own personal sheep. (people collect the fur and weave sweaters out of it) LOL.

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