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The Slow Suicide of the West

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/08/slow-suicide-west


“feel nostalgia for times gone by, times that were never especially good, but were not so bad either.”


We knew what we were getting with trump. An ego hound, glory hound, and immoral pig. We the people are to blame for our choices and our moral decay.


The practicers of Medicine in Medicine in the West during the medieval period was the province of the Church. It was the Church that “educated” these Physicians even as the Church was actively suppressing scientific knowledge by burning books deemed “The Work of the Devil”

An account was given of a Crusader of high rank with an injured leg. Initially a Muslim Physician was asked to look at him and he discovered the leg infected. He began treating that infection with regular cleanings and applications of medicine to treat the infection.

One of those Western trained physicians arrived, ordered the Muslim Physician out for practicing his “Godless Medicine” and immediately ordered the amputation of the leg. The Knight died within hours from shock and loss of blood.


I thought the same thing at first, but he is talking about people that found homeostasis within the culture. He clarifies that in the final paragraphs.

There will always be a natural tension between East and West, it isn’t based on pathology.

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Capitalism is the issue, not whitewashing and romanticizing “homeostasis” or providing a multiculti veneer to its depredations.


IMHO, it’s not suicide but an infection – unfettered Korporate greed – that could have been treated years ago but is now about to overwhelm its host.  Its most obvious symptom is the orange pustule
in the White House, but it permeates the entire global system.


Really, Capitalism plus the foundations it is built is not necessarily responsible for the perversion of society. I suspect his use of “tolerance and imposition, between diversity and homogenization” have at least an equal measure. There are civilizations older than ours that faced these same issues.

Exactly. As the historian Simon Schama, puts it, “we are sleepwalking into catastrophe.”

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Recall his speech wherein he quoted (source unknown) the following: “You knew I was a snake when you let me in.” Impeachment is a waste of time, labor and money. He should have his citizenship revoked.

a cancerous infection! Yep.

Ewwwww, trying to not picture that to graphically, but Ewwww


The only way a tiny bunch of oligarchs can remain in power is to deflect their blame for all our problems by keeping us at each other’s throats.


THAT’S all you got out of this incredible essay? Are you a dolt or what?
I have just about had it with the ‘newer’ crop of idiots posting here lately…

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Excellent essay. I assume this was republished here at CD now because it is more prescient now than when the author first wrote it. I have just sent it to people I know who feel, with no real knowledge, that Western culture is and always been ‘superior’.
Thanks for this CD.

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Her ya go… everything you needed to know about “Western Civilization”…

The headline tease does not match the essays content.

Tonight is the britz parliment vote on quick brexit suicide.
A genuine crash would occur.
Economic, culture, travel, immigration and what happens to all the folks from mainland europe who happen to be working and living in England?

I foresee the three main competitors - britz, germany and russia - once again losing their minds and going into wars.

I’ve been posting here more than “lately.” I couldn’t care less what you think about that or this gaseous muddled essay.

Is humanity perhaps analogous to a bacterial infection?

Are we sufficiently reflective, honest, and courageous to look into ourselves and make the necessary adjustments, to begin living within the way life works?
Can leadership do this for us?
Can education?

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