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The 'Smoking Gun'? Turkish Media Reports CIA Has Recording of Crown Prince Giving Order to 'Silence Jamal Khashoggi as Soon as Possible'

The 'Smoking Gun'? Turkish Media Reports CIA Has Recording of Crown Prince Giving Order to 'Silence Jamal Khashoggi as Soon as Possible'

Jon Queally, staff writer

The U.S.

I did suggest that if Turkey had this Embassy wiretapped, so did the USA and that the USA knew about what happened all along. Indeed the CIA knew Khassogi slated to be murdered before the event occurred. In knowing and not acting on it , they were complicit and it likely an outcome that was desired. The CIA are not the good guys and have never been the good guys.

The 5 Eyes spy on everyone all of the time and get around a lot of laws prohibiting surveillance of their own Citizens by spying on one anothers.


That d-party apologists now support the intelligence community is a disgrace.

They are assassins. Period.


Very, very true. They have been " THE BAD GUYS". Too bad JFK wasn’t successful in smashing the CIA into a " thousand pieces" because he knew Dulles and the CIA were not the good guys, but alas, instead they, the CIA, I would argue, were successful in smashing JFK into a thousand pieces!


And they moved along with other bad guys along the trail with big oil in Cuba, then JFK, then active and retired working for Nixon’s American mini mafia, right up to today where Trump has his own rat installed. And the tax payers money has funneled down a rat hole mostly unaccounted for all these years. Just the way republicans like it.


Still screaming “Over Here, Over here?”
Sorry, nobody listening or watching.
Nobody cares.
The fascists have won.
Just go to Minds.com and browse through the channels.
The most boosted feeds are nazis.

When there is dirty stinking oil money, there will be dirty stinking people like trump and the crown prince and mitch the turtle and daddy’s little girl ivanka and fuckerberg and all the other corrupt weird characters from the strangest non-fiction novel of them all. Any kind of money smells good to them and as long as the hog trough is full, their snouts will all be buried in the oily mess. Now I should say one good thing about all of them and that is they have the nicest expensive clothes.

They do that because they are demanding your respect. From the suits to the uniforms it’s all to lord over you the underling of our republic, and they don’t want you to forget it for one second.

Excellent point. The Critters In Attendance knew. He was set up. Why? I suspect to create a rift between the two countries or to take down MBS, who appears to be another tyrant in chief.

Leverage. The Saudis were making noises about buying arms from Russia. They are especially interested in the s-400 systems. Just as with Turkey , the US does not want these Countries buying from Russia as it threatens profits to US Corporations.

The US can now lean on the King to be with MBS aware the US has the dirt on him and knowing the US can pull their support gaining PR points IF MBS does not play along. Its a BUY US or else sort of message which in part why the information was leaked. It always about money.

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“I did suggest that if Turkey had this Embassy wiretapped, so did the [CIA]” It was a consulate.
CIA has the Saudi embassy in Washington wiretapped also. That is how they got the goods on MbS phoning his brother KbS who subsequently gave Khashoggi the all clear to visit the consulate.

Yeah, but he meant just get him fired from WaPo, not kill him. He was very strong in his assertions.

Glad to know you’re with tRump on this, comrade.

From where did you derive this explanation?

Ahhhhh, the arms. You mean the arms that we sell to our “partners” that they will one day point towards us? Yes, you’re right. It is always about money. Let them have it in droves.

Interesting that the CIA has turned on him. Seems the Democrat-CIA-media establishment wants a nicer, gentler Saudi Sheikdom.