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The So-Called "Middle Ground" and the Tyranny of Capitalism

The So-Called "Middle Ground" and the Tyranny of Capitalism

John Atcheson

You read a lot these days about polls telling us why—gasp—socialist could never win the presidency, about how “radical” progressives will make it impossible for Democrats to take the Senate, or pretty much accomplish anything else.


Great analysis and I believe CORRECT analysis. A study called "“Building a better America” PROVED that Americans, when consulted about issues and values selected a Swedish-style model and rejected unfeterred capitalism. It also showed most underestimated income gaps and CEO compensations…


Yet come 2020, the author will recommend that you hold your nose and vote Biden, cementing in place the centrism he claims to reject. I ask him: Why the hell would the d-party move left when cowards and robots are trained to vote for them no matter how far to the right they drift?

Look around, liberals: How’s that LOTE voting been working? I’ll be voting third party and if Biden loses my state by a single vote, I’ll be proud that I helped usher the d-party toward the ash heap of history.

If you’re a liberal and vote D, please refer to yourself as what you actually are: An enabler of oligarchy.


Really? I think robots are apolitical or libertarian, possibly. Cowards probably don’t vote, would be my guess.
Biden isn’t nominated yet by any measure. Mr. Atcheson warns us about binary polling and their choices, as well, in this article and elsewhere with the links.

So this time it’ll turn out different, right mrshitts?

Is that the Multnomah County Astro Dog talkin,’ or the perennial chump?

We need to speak truth to power, and we can start by denouncing ALL of Trumpenstein’s lies.
We need a traveling unit to visit every Trump speech possible. This group would be made up of a spokesperson and 4-6 Sumo Wrestler types. When Trump or the Maggots act up, too bad. Now the liar can be called out for each and every lie he spews.

Too much coffee, man?

Eisenhower warned us to beware of the Military Industrial Complex. We have been engaged in senseless regime change wars, squandering our resources and making a handful of people hugely rich at the expense of the rest of the population. These regime change wars do not benefit the people in the countries that we bomb and invade, in fact we leave their country as a pile of rubble. The wars do not benefit the people in this country, in fact many of our young people die and by squandering so much of our resources on the wars, we can’t fix our own infrastructure, we can’t have universal healthcare, and now we can’t address climate change, because we don’t have the resources to do it. It is time to clean house in Washington and put in an administration that understands this. We have spent over seven trillion dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan. What do we have to show for it. We have made a few people even richer than before. These people control the politicians and much of the media. We need to start thinking and seeing through all the manipulation they are doing. Centrist democrats are not much better than the party in power today. A bunch of “No we can’ts”. Tulsi Gabbard understands this.


Over 70% of Americans support medicare for all. To lie that policies like that would put people off only exposes the misplaced priorities by those who repeat them. After all, don’t forget that just cause Trump is the worst person on the planet it doesn’t mean Establishment Democrats haven’t been benefiting from felon banks and fraudulent wars and aren’t part of the problem. Corporate Democrats that currently make up the majority of Congressional Dems are part of the problem and they HATE Progressives.I am not surprised that they and their mouthpieces would repeat the same damned lie over and over again. Remember these are the same people who thought HRC was owed the presidency and that people would be GRATEFUL to have her run the Establishment more efficiently.

If anyone out there really thinks that Medicare for All, Student loan debt forgiveness (not after 25 years but NOW), a robust social safety net, labor rights, higher wages, environmental protection, consumer protections, equality of opportunity and a host of progressive policies would turn people away, they havent paid attention. I mean I dont expect liabilities like Biden, Pelosi or any of the war mongering, corporate Democrats to say anything BUT this lie But the reality is that the majority of people want such things. Remember the Right wing low life who once famously yelled “take your government hands off my medicare”? That is the kind of thing we are facing. So it is not so much that people dont want those things, it is more like they have been manipulated via lies and propaganda that those things are bad for them. That up is down, that the truth is a lie, that 2+2 is 5. Give them a few people to hate and blame and you got it made.

Democrats need to take on aggressive messaging and keep repeating again and again what they offer people and what the GOP is taking away (then again, they really DONT want those policies so they will not change the messaging).

And anyway, we dont have to worry about getting low life Trump supporters on our side. They are a lost cause and forever doomed to live and die in the cesspool of hate, bigotry and ignorance they have created for themselves and in which they will die. We need to worry about getting MORE PROGRESSIVE IDEAS OUT. AOC isn’t popular cause she is cute. She gets it and she’s got the right ideas, just as Sanders and Warren. The rest of the Democratic candidates are about as insincere and garbage as the phony, lame policies they pretend to stand behind.


Tulsi Gabbard’s focus on Military spending is like a laser beam and people need to listen to her. She understans completely that the root of all that is wrong in the USA is Militarism and that Military spending. All of the things they claim the US can not afford CAN be afforded if the MIC excised like the cancer that it is.


This is a long standing issue for voters.

We have always been counselled to vote for the lesser evil over the greater evil, but forget that both are termed an evil and more often than not, the lesser evil transforms into the greater evil.

It inevitably shifts the political field ever right-wards

Why do we not remember America’s greatest socialist, Eugene Debs.

“I’d rather vote for something I want and not get it than vote for something I don’t want, and get it.”


I do get what you are saying but Trump is dangerous, he isnt just someone we disagree with on priorities, he is a dictator and dangerous: Internment camp/round up journalists/curtail free speech/lock up political opponents authoritarian dangerous. There is a time and place for protest votes, 2020 isnt it. With Democrats we at least have a chance to get a foot in the door and make things happen, with Trump and the GOP we dont. They dont even want you to vote. So I would think long and hard before you waste a vote in 2020 on some third party person. I seriously doubt you would rather “get” Trump for a second term. if that happens, I can guarantee you can kiss even the illusion of getting a single thing “you want” goodbye. At that point I suggest filling out a political refugee application for EU or Canada.

I also get what you are saying but does it help to use hyperbole. Trump’s approval rating are still high at 46% and he reflects a large proportion of American opinion. That is the real tragedy. He just has not got the eloquence of the lawyer Obama who soaked his reactionary policies in sugar and honey which stopped protests.

I recall that for large sections of the US electorate, it was Trump who was the lesser evil compared to the Wall St candidate Clinton, who took a similar stand as Trump with his tax returns in refusing to release her speeches to the bailed-out big banks so they voted for what was being presented as the non-aligned and not-bought-politician alternative - Trump.

He was the person who was not the proven evil that Clinton had already shown herself to be as secretary of state.

And already the so-called centralists of the Democratic Party are rolling back any radical policies of the 2020 nominees. Even if Sanders becomes president, very little will get passed.

I suggest you fill out your political asylum papers now but don’t expect the EU to be any more receptive than it is to its African and ME applicants


No where in @alanjjohnston ('s) post did he say anything at all about using a protest vote. Those were your words … not his. Did you ever consider that voting according to one’s conscience and beliefs is the only right thing to do?

Believe it or not, there are actually some people who have the moral fiber to vote according to their convictions and beliefs and not follow the crowd.


He may not have used those exact words but when you quote "“I’d rather vote for something I want and not get it than vote for something I don’t want, and get it.” then that is exactly what you are saying. It is implied. Secondly, this is reality, not some feel-good Disney movie about the triumph of the human soul. You have to be strategic. That doesnt make you a coward as you imply, but smart. The reality is that with a Democrat you at least have a chance to see the kind of Progressive changes we seek, with the GOP you do not. Never, ever. I mean look at Congress now with people like Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and AOC. They are struggling but they are in and they are helping set the tone and make things happen, they have a foot in the door. Under GOP tyranny, they would sooner deport, if not jail, Tlaib and Omar. it is relative. if you waste your vote on some inexperienced newbie , like Tulsi what-have-you, you will just enable Trump and once he is in charge, anything you ever hoped for will be gone too. Tyranny and authoritarianism do not give you any wiggle room to bring about change or vote your conscience. OR vote at all. They;ll take you out back and shoot you, cause see, that is how dictators deal with dissent and people who vote their conscience, IF they are allowed to vote.

Think it;s hyperbole? Ever heard of the boiling frog metaphor? Things that are seen as normal now, such as the WH openly obstructing justice and defying a co-equal branch of the government by dismissing subpoena requests, that were unheard of 5 years ago. We are becoming inured to the abuses cause it is done slowly, over time, rather than violently and at once. Trump isnt some deranged clown, he is a dangerous, malicious criminal and functioning sociopath. So yes come 2020 vote for a Democrat, even if it is worthless Biden. A dictatorship is not going to bring you the change you seek.

I agree. The fact that half the country approves of this swine really does say a lot about the American people, doesnt it? or at least half of us. But i am not sure if we can trust those polls.

That said, you are wrong to say that Trump is just a more vulgar and less polished version of Obama. That is not true. In fact it is factually wrong. Trump is not some vulgar moron he is dangerous and malicious, lawless and corrupt. I have my issues with Obama but he was nowhere near the lawlessness and corruption of Trump and his ilk.

And you are wrong to say that “for large sections of the US electorate, it was Trump who was the lesser evil compared to the Wall St candidate Clinton.” that is simply not true. Why?

  1. Trump won most districts by a small margin, sometimes 15,000 votes etc.

  2. He lost the popular vote by a record 3 million (so I would not call his “win” the result of a large section of the US electorate)

  3. Voter turnout for Democrats was at an all time low. Lowest since 1995.

He did not have massive, unprecedented support. In fact, most people did not vote FOR him as much as they voted AGAINST HRC. Which is why I dont think we need to worry about Trumpster trash and his low life base of hateful, ignorant bigots. We should focus on those who didnt vote in 2016 or voted for Jill Stein etc. Forget about Trump’s base. They dont matter, they never have, they never will. They are a lost cause. And dont believe those polls. Those are the same polls who predicted HRC would win by a large margin.

All I am saying is be strategic. Voting for Tulsi may feel good but the result will be the Gilead. If you seriously think with a dictator in tow you will bring out the social Democratic revolution you are wrong.

@alanjjohnston was quoting Eugene Debs.

Kylie, when you’ve been imprisoned several times for standing up for the working class and against war; I’ll consider what you have to say as possibly being relevant. Until that time…

What a dumb specious argument that has nothing to do with anything I said and unnecessary ad hominem attack. I dont have to have been imprisoned and tortured to understand that voting to help out a dictator wont do you any good or bring about the change you seek.

And yes, genius, I understand he was quoting someone else but he was quoting him to express a shared sentiment, one he agrees with. Urgh.

Great article John Atcheson.

“Today’s Republican Party is a cult of know-nothings, xenophobes, racists, anti-vaxers, climate deniers and all-around anti-Enlightenment, anti-Jesus Christians, with a few true conservatives left to hang onto the crumbling edifice of a once rational political philosophy”

“True conservatives…with a rational political philosophy”?

When has that ever happened?

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Some people, it appears that you are one of them, simply cannot get the fact that we are in the sad state we are today is because of voting for LOTE. Our two party system is a complete failure!