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The So-Called War on Terror Has Killed Over 801,000 People and Cost $6.4 Trillion: New Analysis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/13/so-called-war-terror-has-killed-over-801000-people-and-cost-64-trillion-new-analysis

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Actually, Lancet put the count of violent deaths alone in Iraq at over 655,000 in 2006. Deaths over median reached over a million.

Perhaps understandably, such figures do not include the costs of false flag events on American soil, nor the trillions of dollars that the Fed slipped under the table to corrupt business to prop up a bogus economy between 2003 and 2010.

Probably also understandably, such figures do not include the storms and eddies of violence and money around the trades in drugs and prostitution and slaves and organs that inevitably result from these wars, nor the cost in wholesale destruction of fertility, ecosystems, and social structures.

Ultimately, it becomes very difficult to have a society that measures cost by an artificial and changeable metric, run mostly in secret using a public relations methodology based on a science of disinformation, hiring networks of cells by bribery and assurances of immunity from prosecution, and yet to come up with even modestly realistic figures regarding how many people one or another subset of actions have killed.

We live under a ferocious and doomed regime. The primacy not only of an empire but of the expanding conglomerate of empires in series has run most of its course. The figures and analysis delivered here and, mostly, elsewhere are immensely understated. There remains little trace of anything central or centrist or moderate or liberal in anything resembling a business-as-usual proposition.


The dollar figure is probably seen in certain quarters as a “mission accomplished.”

The war-footing effort and the dollars need to be put toward fighting the terror of the climate crisis.


As money and power concentrate resources within growing, more impoverished populations, capitalist economies must become war economies.

By acknowledging these causes and seeking answers despite pressure from growthism, China has been one exception.


Isn’t warfare always a tool in the colonialist/capitalist toolkit, as in the most fundamental, direct and cost-effective approach to resource acquisition?


Absolutely. But the (by definition) endless war on “terror” is a profit center in a way that mitigating the climate crisis apparently is not. Then there’s NA$A - determined to have an operable station on the Moon by 2024, thence used as a launching pad to Mars.

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For purveyors of death and destruction, mass slaughter is good business.

$6.4 trillion spent ==> $6.4 trillion earned.


But it has made war profiteers such as Dick Cheney’s Halliburton, as well as politicians, fabulously wealthy, and THAT is what matters, right?


“War on terror” is just a propaganda ploy to extort more money from the American people in order to enrich the defense industry.


It has been historically proven that war and plunder are the most reliable sources of income…


That is the ‘so called war on terror’. Then there is the American terror on the world…as Madeline Albright described it: ‘It was worth it’ to starve and allow 500,000 Iraqi children to die for lack of medical supplies. The list is long and CD readers can fill it in. I have got to go throw up.


Hi Harry_Pjotr:
Yes that is true---- War and plunder are the most reliable sources of income, so any one can see why the war addicted nation, America, makes up reasons to attack. Nations with oil, and now, sadly for you too, people of Bolivia—LITHIUM is even more valuable! Yet sadly, the water, soil and air is also ruined where America bombs for profit, not to mention imploding the important historic and natural places of nations all around all around the globe.
How will this end? To be really depressed read Kurt Vonnegut’s novel, ICE NINE. : (


That’s approximately $7,990 per kill.


BINGO! If Amerika had no enemies, the defense industries would have to invent them…AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY DO!


Over 80 percent of all Stocks in the USA are owned by the 10 percent. 6.4 trillion taxpayer dollars spent means some 5.8 trillion flowed to that same 10 percent yet they will insist they “self made” and “earned all of their wealth” and that “Governments can not create wealth”

The biggest con in history .


i think 801,000 people killed as a result of Imperialistic American wars in the Middle East since 9/11 is a conservative estimate. To put it mildly…


“At a time when everyone from Donald Trump to Democratic Party candidates for president is calling for an end to these endless wars, we must push our government to use diplomacy…”

Sanders and Gabbard are the only two candidates calling for an end to these senseless wars. As for the entire Democratic Party, it is every bit as pro-war as the Republicans, so good luck thinking that we’re going to be able to push any of them to use diplomacy. They eradicated that word from their vocabulary a long time ago. Note that Warren, a darling of many liberals, is as much a war hawk as she is a “capitalist to her bones,” and has voted unflinchingly for every increase in defense spending. No matter how progressive an agenda she might have for the economy, it won’t be feasible unless and until we put an end to these insane wars and commit to a drastic decrease in defense spending.

But these wars are not just bad for our economy, they are unmitigated acts of evil upon people who had nothing to do with 9/11 and have never threatened America in any way. For every known enemy we have killed or captured, we have killed, or caused to be killed, dozens or more of innocent civilians – women, men, mothers, fathers, grandparents, and children. And 95% of Americans don’t give a shit. In fact, they keep calling our murdering soldiers heroes.

The American Empire is the biggest, baddest terrorist organization on the planet.


The war on terror narrative is a misnomer; the narrative needs to be changed to what it really is: A WAR OF TERROR! By the # 1 terrorist country in the world.


I wonder who got that 6.4 trillion?