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The Socialist Preacher

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/30/socialist-preacher


Besides all the wonderful ideas in this piece, SOCIALISM just sounds more workable.
Capitalism—well a person would need capital to be in that crowd…but socialism–all these great communal jobs like co-ops and businesses that thrive, like WinCo in Oregon. Besides—SOCIALism sounds like it belongs to everyone. Maybe because it is more democratic


“Socialism, or something like it, is the settled conclusion of a society that values democracy.”

I could not agree more.
Once the boomers are at least mostly gone things will change more dramatically.


Socialist Christianity !?


As long as there is money,
Nothing will change.

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“No one claimed that any of their possessions was their own, but they shared everything they had.”

That was also true of the Native, Americans. Capitalism is a government based on $$$$$$; the more $$$$$; the more political power. The Constitution, to be true needs to be re-written to: OF THE RICHEST PEOPLE; BY THE RICHEST PEOPLE; FOR THE RICHEST PEOPLE.

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What started the demonizing of socialism? Russian communist/socialism? Marx? How did community become so damning? When? When I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s it seemed more like a community and corporations were community oriented even I worked for Hyster Company who was International.

Capitalism had to demonized socialism for it to over take our whole system of governing?

I still have many friends from the 50’s and 60’s and some who worship dt.

Excellent article, thank you.


yes I am a member of the boomer generation who fought for our environment, democratic principals and was lucky enough to work for corporations who cared about its workers. But yes, boomers are in charge and many in power became greedy power hungry scophants.

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It will be sad to lose good, honest, and rational members.
All shall be held in esteem and honor for ever, in peace.

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This exemplified when I read an account of a Cherokee farmer in early America.

Before the US implemented the dreams of Thomas Jefferson , that being the depopulation of the First Nations peoples east of the Mississippi so that the “superior Anglo Saxons” could have all the land ,there was an impetus to turn those people into farmers.

One Cherokee farmer needed to dig a hole. There was a shovel leaning against a fence belonging to a white farmer. As far as that Cherokee farmer was concerned a shovel was a shovel. He took it to dig that hole.

He was arrested for theft and lynched from a tree.

Capitalists do not share anything. What is theirs is THEIRS alone.

In “the Grapes of Wrath” there chapters on how the fruit farmers burned and poisoned the fruit as there such an abundance of it , the prices were lowered. They did this even as children of migrants picking that fruit went hungry.

It a sick system.


Enjoyed reading your excellent reply. In the old movie ( 1940) The Grapes of Wrath, they never mentioned that!

I think both you juju and Elcil are paradoxically falling victim to the way scale changes the dynamics. Elcil sez in closing remark: "Socialist Christianity !?

"As long as there is money,
Nothing will change."

“…yes I am a member of the boomer generation who fought for our environment, democratic principals and was lucky enough to work for corporations who cared about its workers. But yes, boomers are in charge and many in power became greedy power hungry sycophants.”

Money is actually less secure to those who’ve hoarded it these days. The hoarding has been going on usually in bank secrecy accounts off-shore to avoid the risk of investment and erosion by forces of inflation over time and economic expansion. Such practically compelled investment which prevented idle capital hoarding and forced risk and costs being born by investors and capitalists back in our nation’s formative years and the formative years of the Industrial Revolution, required that to protect a pile of money (however it was amassed) against the natural monetary dynamic of inflation which erodes the piled up idle currency’s value, that money needed to be invested in a productive business.

That was actually a dynamic of the Old School Protestant Work Ethic that kept value in a real economy, as distinct from a financialized economy, circulating through the various classes.

That dynamic was quite distinct from the Protestant Calvinism’s over-arching view of the pre-destined Elect\Preterite that gave rise to the Gospel of Prosperity.

Elcil might consider that the value of currency, even the U.S. dollar as the World’s Reserve Currency, is currently and has been for decades of FINANCIALIZATION so unstable as to have given rise to a dynamic we see in major urban centers around the world. That dynamic is newly built often high rise luxury rate or inflated market speculative rate housing towers that sit mostly vacant or quickly convert to leased housing and remain vacant for the fixed high rental rates. These towers of gleaming (often cheaply built yet artistically stylish) construction of mostly vacant residential units sit cheek to jowl alongside the tent encampments of the displaced homeless that got a booster shot to the homeless of the pre-2008 Financial Services Industry collapse and TARP bail-out to the lenders, while the borrowers were evicted, dispossessed and displaced.

Prof Saskia Sassen at Columbia U. (full disclosure, Prof Sassen, who was then Ms Sassen Koob) was also among my first associate instructors, still a grad student herself studying migratory patterns in global labor and global capital in my first year of school at Queens College of CUNY before I left school for a couple of years living on west coast and returned to U.C.-Berkeley to resume my studies in mass communications as an interdisciplinary program involving social psychology, comparative literature and religion, anthropology, media and government studies with pre-reqs in STEM) and her simplest boiling down of the mystery of these empty housing units in major and even more modest global cities surrounded by homeless people living on the streets is what she calls SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES IN THE SKY.

Global capital is using what all the money-hoarders and Feudal Lords of Finance designate at the most secure way to protect value of accumulated wealth. Not currency or cash, not paper at all, but the electronically registered and speculative value of these vacant towers of housing amid global housing crisis as instruments of value pegged to real estate values which tend to be more resilient and sturdy than any paper currency, stock or bond. Check out this 28 minute address (mostly in English, it begins in Italian to an OECD gathering of peer-reviewed academics, social scientists, policy-makers and no doubt the capitalist opportunists seeking the knowledge they need to guide their wealth management accounts. Switches to English with all of the power-point slides in English that help reinforce important conceptual shifts Prof Sassen leads us through…TAKE NOTES! I’ve viewed this a dozen times and will view it a dozen more with my dense numb skull hopefully absorbing more each time.

A single take-away point referencing the dark arts of economics and statistics also reinforced Dr Sassen’s conceptual paradigm shifts in how we perceive value once the monetarist system slips and credibility is eroded by forces beyond the control of the Feudal Lords of HIGH FInance. Just compare the percentage of the national GDP that the Financial Sector accounted for over the 20th Century and into the aughts of this 21st Century:


Except for the advocates of a Green New Deal and Public Banking the subject of how FINANCIALIZATION HAS ECLIPSED (GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT) PRODUCTIVE ECONOMIC SECTORS has been excluded as a national elections issue suitable for broadcast debate and Town Hall discussions. No matter who wins the elections we have to win the battle over gate-keepers of our broadcast systems.

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Beautiful words. Indeed.
You have the silver tongued gift of the blarney.

Keep your wits and your footing. We are simultaneously predator and prey.
There are dangerous creatures in the wild.

I must insist.

As long as there is money,
Nothing will change.

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Thanks for educating.

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