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The Soft Power Hoax


The Soft Power Hoax

Mike Lofgren

A recurrent buzz phrase of the Washington mandarinate in the last two decades has been “soft power.” The term was coined by Joseph Nye, a Harvard academic, in his 1990 book, Bound to Lead: The Changing Nature of American Power.


Read the Council on Foreign Relations’ publication, “Foreign Affairs” if you want to understand a lot of what is going to happen in the future. There are other parallel periodicals that prognosticate, but CFR’s FA is the best metric I’ve found. Pre-history, news, history…an interesting evolution…


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Our misrulers make no bones about their desire to control the world, and especially to accomplish that by control of all that Christian oil beneath the Muslim sand. Muslims don’t hate our liberty, nor our culture – so long as neither the one nor the other is used as a tool for their subjugation.


finally a well thought out and not overly wordy article here. too bad the the general public will never see it and if so,understand most of it. right now they are too busy trying to make ends meet while not understanding how their vote for reagon bush thedick cheney/bush et al failed to improve their standard of living (from #1 in 1980 to #47 last i heard). meanwhile many are too busy looking at small glass screens in their hands to even find an article like this.

america land of the free (to shop),home of the brave billionaires who sent your kids off to secure that possible oil reserve halfway across the world(and lost it to the chinese after pissing away several trillion of our tax dollars).this
is called “the free market” where we pay with our lives, stagnant wages and shrinking safety net so the really rich can get at that oil(or underground wealth du jour) for free.

i dont see anything admirable or respectable about that even if it comes with fries and a shake.