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The Solidarity Grows: Over 1,200 Historians, Archaeologists, Museum Directors Denounce DAPL


The Solidarity Grows: Over 1,200 Historians, Archaeologists, Museum Directors Denounce DAPL

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

—Standing with the Standing Rock Sioux, over 1,200 museum directors, archaeologists, anthropologists, and historians—people "familiar with the long history of desecration of Indigenous People's artifacts and remains worldwide"—have written to the Obama administration to denounce "further irreparable losses" that would accompany completion of the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline.


One comment?
It appears that CD readers have lost interest in this fight.
This is an important protest that requires constant gardening, which is what CD is doing and hats off to them.
But, to you CD readers with your short attention spans.................a big Bronx cheer.


The same racism that continues to attack the indigenous and black people in the US is the same racism that kills brown people in the Middle East. Our struggles need to unite in resisting the same oppressive forces by a rolling, total, non cooperation.


The Pipeline company has already Proved that they are acting in bad faith when they demanded documentation in court of the location of threatened burial grounds and then TOOK that documentation and sent Bulldozers to destroy the sites.

That was a Douche Move of monumental proportions and tells us all we need to know about the people who run the Pipeline company.

Also, I'm still waiting for someone to be arrested for the destruction of the burial grounds.


I don't know when I've been more ashamed of our government -- it's mistreatment of the Standing Rock Sioux is a crime and a disgrace, and we Americans must stand up and denounce this atrocity!!!


The past three hours have given us 3 more comments.
Very, very sad indeed.


DAPL: Desecrate/decimate/destroy ALL PEOPLES LANDS.


Where is the OUTCRY from our president and ALL people? I have e-mailed the prez several times on this tragedy and I hope the messages have not fallen on deaf ears....

Guess many are waiting for Drumpf to lead the charge...a very long wait indeed.


Europeans came to this country, saw it, and decided that their god said they could have it. In order to enact this divine "Manifest Destiny", they further decided indigenous people should leave their homes or be killed. Or driven like cattle halfway across this continent, leaving 4,000 dead out of 15,000.

For a better accounting than I could do, read "Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee", by Dee Brown. It is tragic and brutal and shameful, and you will see the same vicious and blatant violations of human rights and sovereignty played out today as the Sioux tribe fights to protect the sacred from the obscene.

Now they also fight for us and our planet against an "advanced civilization" that flushed the environment of this continent down the toilet of technology within a couple of centuries.

It is now imperative for our survival to listen with humility to the people who were reverent and good stewards of this continent's life and beauty for millennia.


What do you call a government that ignores the will of its people?


Has the entire world completely forgotten the damage done by the Army Corps of Engineers on the Mississippi River, and to the wetlands of Louisiana? Damage like that is irreparable. Why trust them with any decisions? That is the real question.


But our presidential hopefuls Jill Stein and Baraka Ajamu have been there and stood in solidarity -with an arrest warrant issued. Let us not forget there is a candidate that we can all vote for.