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The Sort of Company We Wish To Keep: Saying Shame, Shame, Shame


The Sort of Company We Wish To Keep: Saying Shame, Shame, Shame

Arguing "a life defined by who your enemies are isn't going to work," academics are ingeniously fighting back against an Orwellian if inept "Professor Watchlist" aimed at exposing "radical" teachers. The list has inspired online trolls to name their own suspects - Albus Dumbledore, Dr. Pepper, Mr. Spock - and a Watchlist Redux to honor real-life targets from Jesus to current teachers daring to "think critically about power." Now 100 Notre Dame profs have asked to be on the real list in solidarity. "We wish," they wrote, "to be counted among those you are watching."


a "group of students for free markets and limited government."

Translation: they care more about greed than their fellow human beings, not to mention all of nature, and a little thing called Planet Earth.


Humanity = one step forward, ten back.



I never thought I'd be saying this, but let's hope all the AAUP follow the footsteps of Notre Dame. They are taking the right step, or is it left?


It's funny how coincidental life is. Just the other day, a co-worker and I were on a short drive to the hardware store to buy some parts and we were talking about the political situation. He is a British ex-pat who's been here for almost 2 decades and definitely progressive. I asked him if he was prepared to put himself on a muslim registry, and he gave me an Alfalfa (Our Gang, Little Rascals B&W TV character who gave a head bob open mouthed look of astonishment regularly) look like he'd never considered it. I told him if they started crap like that, then the only defense is for everyone to say they're whoever is being singled out. That and to read up on how Nazi Germany started out, then get a gun and learn how to use it. Oh yeah, ...and don't get on any trains.


Professor Watchlist is a project of Turning Point USA.

Turning Point USA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded on June 5, 2012 by Charlie Kirk.


anyone able to find his telephone and email should post it so someone else can use it.

same goes for home and work addresses, etc. anything you can find on this guy, details about his life, his family members, his associates, everything. Taking measures like this would make Charlie Kirk accountable to the public. In the event violence were perpetrated against those on the list he would be especially vulnerable to retaliation (which would give him cause to shut the site down).

also, contacting the people on the "professor watchlist" to ensure their security and offer support would be a surprisingly effective counter measure, creating a network they can all be tied into would be especially helpful in a legal battle, but also as a show of force.

Additionally the sociopaths who would perpetrate violence against these professors are visiting the professor watch-list to receive their "directives". Shutting down the site would be an awesome project for our guardian hackers, and legal teams(if there is anything that can legally be done).


Sorry, but advocating for violence is no solution whatsoever. Learn from water protectors at Standing Rock.


That's why I stayed away and only sent them money, because I, like Malcolm X in his time, am frustrated by the lack of progress (we're actually regressing) and the belligerence of the current PE and his army of deplorables and will stop at nothing to defend myself and my family, and those of my fellow countrymen against those who would oppress enslave or hurt my neighbor regardless of the color of their skin. I will not be unarmed against a militaristic fascist right when the shit hits the fan, and I wish you wouldn't be unarmed either.


Advocating violence is no solution you are correct, rather violence is a last resort. I would kill rather than be killed, the assumption being one is in eminent danger. Standing rock is not an accurate analogy (anal:lol) as a political movement based in non-violence there is no place for a weapon. But if a professor on this list wanted to carry a gun I would see no problem with that, nor would it be a problem if they choose not to. Personal Choice. But if you do decide to keep a gun don't forget to learning how to use and handle your weapon, lol, pretty simple(point and shoot) but you don't want to be trying to figure it out when you need it, and avoiding accidents is a big part of training, kids and thieves, gun ownership takes a bit of responsibility.


Thank you, Abby, great article. I followed the link to "Submit a Tip," and since Socrates was already taken, I turned that rascal Ben Obe-wan Kenobe in (and Yoda, too) for teaching Luke Skywalker to resist the Empire using "The Force." And when I filled in all the form questions, making up names and numbers as I went along, they accepted my suggestion. I suggested, further, that they track those subversives down and deny them tenure. I may have just enabled the Empire to Strike Back. Whew!