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The Sound of Silence: Furious Bibi Tries To Stare Down U.N. For Refusing To Go to War Like He Wants to

The Sound of Silence: Furious Bibi Tries To Stare Down U.N. For Refusing To Go to War Like He Wants to

In a speech full of his usual bellicose theatrics, Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu excoriated members of the U.N. for accepting the nuclear deal with Iran, blasted their "utter silence" diplomatsbefore "genocidal enemies" that allegedly seek to wipe out Israel, and mutely glared at them for almost a minute in a stink-eye exercise dubbed powerful or laughable, depending on your perspective. The kicker: The guy guilty of years of ethnic cleansing - while we gave them guns and stayed largely silent - scolded, "When bad behavior is rewarded, it only gets worse."


What a hateful remark.


“At times the whole world seems to be in conspiracy to importune you with emphatic trifles. Friend, client, child, sickness, fear, want, charity, all knock at once at thy closet door and say,—‘Come out unto us.’ But keep thy state; come not into their confusion. The power men possess to annoy me I give them by a weak curiosity. No man can come near me but through my act.”

–Ralph Waldo Emerson (Self Reliance)


Oh, that would be just sooo helpful. What is wrong with you?


With the sort of belligerent fascist bullshit that gets spouted from that ugly green podium over the years (with a few exceptions thank goodness - Chavez, Raul Castro, even Vladimir Putin), I have gotten a bad, Pavlov-dog like nausea reaction to the very sight of a piece of serpentinite…

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Yeah. Just keep wringing your bourgeois liberal hands and decrying anyone who expresses deeply righteous anger and rage. That will change Israel’s behavior. Of course Trotsky (or me) do not actually desire to nuclear-bomb Israel - but it sure feels sweet and cathartic to say it!


well, in case anyone had forgotten over the last week, Bibi is still a huge bag of d*cks.


Really? Trotsky says it out loud, murder an entire country, and you have the nerve to walk it back for him? Perhaps, because Obama is a lying psychopath, you would want Putin to wipe out the U.S. with nukes. Let’s just get it over with already, we deserve it as much as Israel does. I guess that fantasizing about the deaths of millions as an act of revenge gives you a sort of far-left street cred, but one day take a hard look in the mirror and apply your “logic” to yourself.


I fully agree…

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Do you ever notice how the far Tea-Party/Trump right says all sorts of angry-but also flippant over-the-top offensive things, as Trot did, regarding various people they hate? And notice how successful they are! Ideological struggle is not won be being calm and nice and reasonable - it is won through passion and rage - and by planting just a teeny bit of doubt in our adversary regarding our sanity.


Did you forget that you’re talking about Palestine?

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Are you psychic?

I ask because you are apparently able to read minds.

Let’s play a little game of word substitution. Let’s swap :‘Israelis’ and ‘Iranians’, and ‘Gaza’ and ‘Israel’ in the sentence you’ve psychically determined doesn’t mean what it says:


With altered actor and target:

I hope the Israelis turn Gaza into a desert restoration project.

Can you see the hatred in it now? Do you want to rush to say it’s just the understandable expression of justifiable anger?

Or does it help you see what’s wrong with Trotsky’s original remark?


Forget about Trotsky. Bibi is unquestionably the most dangerous single person on this barely blue planet. Not only, unlike Iran, does he harbor the forever lied about nukes at
Dimona, but has the power to give the order to use them and with the assistance of your and my tax dollars the ability to make that delivery. The usual excuse. The Holocaust
gives him the right to destroy any people or nation, who in his vivid imagination, is a threat to the only nuclear armed nation in the Middle East.

When will we in the US understand the difference in being Jewish and a Zionist Israeli. Would that AIPAC didn’t daily make that false connection to the MCs who continue to
fear the power of the actually Israeli lobby.

Now I’ll await the anti-Semitic accusations in my in-box, though two of my four grandchildren are Jewish.


I don’t think Bibi is the most dangerous as he’s only the leader of a small country, but he’s certainly up there. Most dangerous probably goes to the Empire’s figurehead, Obama.


In our world we have word salad…leader = thug…government = gang of thugs

I try to see the moral high ground but I’m buried in a pile of spoken dung

The shine of accountability is like an old burned out light-blub, it’s still in the socket it’s just, well, disposable

When I think of Gaza I want to vomit all over someone’s shoes…


I happen to agree with you, except for the distinction you draw between being merely “Jewish” and being a “Zionist”. One can want Israel to continue to exist, even fervently, and still condemn Netanyahoo and his ilk. Support for an Israeli state does not include support for blatant racism, theft of generational lands in the West Bank, the slaughter of Gazans, or any of the morally bankrupt outrages perpetrated by Israeli leaders and their fundamentalist followers. Using the Holocaust as an excuse to perpetrate another against Palestinians is not merely cruelly ironic, it is psychopathically insane. It is not Zionists per se who advocate the murder of Palestinians in the name of self-defense, but Jewish fundamentalists, who, like all fundamentalists, cannot see beyond their noses in the murders they commit.


The world’s nations represented by/at the UN have had a belly-full of Israeli/Netanyahu’s extremism, racism, deception/lies, and belligerence - all except the US that continues to cravenly cater to Israel’s deception as perpetual victim, not aggressor. Many ordinary people around the world including Jewish citizens also oppose Israel’s Zionist path and work for justice for Palestinians and an end to Israeli occupation, illegal colonization and violent repression - informing people of the truth of current and past acts by Israel and Israeli leaders is basic to that effort. http://www.ifamericansknew.org/history/origin.html

Netanyahu’s pathology is composed of extremist Zionist racism, tribal exceptionalism, historic anti-Semitism and WWII atrocities that “justify” current Israeli racist policies. US politicians and our Congress have funded, armed, defended, lied for, and catered to this pathology for far too long. They have tolerated and coddled the subversion of our national interests and foreign policy via Israeli agents/lobbyists, AIPAC.

The true goal of Israel/Zionism (using the US as a tool) is restoration of the mythology of “Eretz Israel”, the biblical “land of Israel”, that includes all the Occupied Palestinian Territories and more; not peaceful co-existence. The Palestinian people have born the brunt of Israel’s racism and expansionist agenda for over half a century. Cloaked by conflict, wars of aggression and historic victimization, Israel has used terrorism, ethnic cleansing and violent repression to take territory by force that is expressly illegal under modern International Law and violates numerous UN resolutions. Careful mixing of religious, national and ethnic themes are used to further extremist goals.

The true cost of US aid to wealthy Israel is far over the admitted $3 billion annually when all “forgiven” loans (every one!), free armaments, other hidden aid, and lost interest are counted; somewhere between $5 -10 billion annually for decades. The cost to US respect and honor has been enormous. The US has become a lap-dog for Israeli aggression and threats to the entire region; the current wars and chaos all over the ME can, at least in part, be laid directly at Israel’s door for their corrosive influence over US foreign policy decisions.

Israel is nuclear armed, with between 200-300 bombs and multiple delivery systems, but has never signed the NPT. Israel also attacked the USS Liberty and together with traitor US political leaders covered-up the truth of killing and wounding over 200 US sailors.

Netanyahu represents a destructive national direction espousing a mindset of racism and aggression at odds with what the UN and the US are supposed to represent…






Perhaps you haven’t noted the difference. Since in office by and far Obama has not only demanded international destroying of nuclear weapons (to include ours). While Bibi again and again has not only killed thousands of Palestinians on any excuse to do so, but also threatens or attacks other neighbors. While Obama has made the effort to end
wars Bibi never hesitates to threaten and/or attack.

I agree with your comments about fundamentalists. However, not all Israelis are Zionist, even if they continue to elect them, and not all Zionists are Israeli. You might want to look at the various fundamentalist Christian sects here in the US who are Zionist. I think you’ll find many are just waiting for “the Jews to all return to Israel” as prophesied
and taken quite literally. The belief that Christ will only return at that time is a rather common one.

Bibi is a nasty piece of work but he’s only concerned with his backyard and keeping U.S. welfare coming. His war crimes pale in comparison to all that’s happened on Obama’s watch.