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The Source of Terrorism Revealed – Is Anyone in Congress Paying Attention?


The Source of Terrorism Revealed – Is Anyone in Congress Paying Attention?

Tom Gallagher

If the U.S. body politic were susceptible to teachable moments, this would seem to be a prime one.


Eisenhower has stood up inside his grave!


I've already told the good folks here at CD that it's going to take more than electing a president to turn things around in this country. We'll need to put about 400 far left socialists into the house and senate to affect any meaningful change. But WTF nobody ever listens to me! So by all means, go back to chewing your grass and bleating softly! Good night and good luck!


Tom Gallagher, what effing planet are you on? the USA Congress? Do something? Teachable moment? OMG. if only...


"Insane" and "profitable" are not mutually exclusive.


Good synopsis of are disastrous foreign policy.


The USA and allies against what they claim were ISIS targets have launched 6700 airstrikes.

Russia has launched 60 some odd airstrikes.

Apparently US airstrikes are "exceptional". in their ability to kill just terrorists and miss all of the innocents.


Is the idea of a foreign policy really relevant in these types of debate? How could a nation invest so much for so long in fighting so many aggressive wars on different continents with such ongoing disastrous results - but not stop to examine the folly of its ways?
Answer: foreign policy, or even defense, has just become the phrase(s) in which the MIC dresses its rabid and insatiable drive for more and more profitable mayhem - at the same time as politicians use these endless wars to frighten, detract and propagandise.
The so-called foreign policy is nothing more than to keep creating the next bunch of baddies the US apparently needs to destroy. The rest is just ephemeral detail.


On the subject of the type of baddies so instrumental in starting the baddie bash that characterizes recent foreign policy of the United States:

A brilliant New Yorker article by Nicholas Lemann asserts that of the two conservative (and therefore brainless in my view) brothers George W. and Jeb Bush, the first is right brain (instinctively mean), the second left brain (analytical with mean and stupid ideas).

One should also keep in mind, I believe, that Jeb is a prude. He has publicly sided with Governor Bellingham and Roger Chillingworth in THE SCARLET LETTER by Nathaniel Hawthorne, a novel he must have read at the Andover School.


For some reason, your Scarlet Letter comment reminded me of a Playboy cartoon many years ago. Scene is that era. A number of sour looking women are walking about with an A on their dress. One gal, with a big smile on her face has a very fancily embroidered A+ on her dress. :wink:


Didn't know the facts but, less intelectually, he just looks like it.


When teaching this novel one must constantly keep this notion in mind and hope not to get fired.


Your less intellectual response is probably the best.


Many years ago, when I was in college on the GI Bill, we had an English class which included Hawthorne's work. I read almost all of his writings.
* The professor had to be absent for a few days and chose me and another student to team teach the class. Being steeped in Hawthorne, I wrote the acrostic poem below. Not great poetry, but thought you might get a chuckle out of it.
Tribute to a Great American Author

None, perhaps, have told their tale
As well; of sin, misery, and travail.
The scenes of New England, grim and old;
Harrowing portraits of our ancestors, told,
Awakening mem’ries of the Puritan folk
New in this land and as sturdy as oak.
Indeed, as the oak oft’ appears strong and sound,
Even deep in its heartwood, rot may be found.
Listen to a man, a master of prose.

He's intertwined ancient Ivy with sinful rose.
Allowing, nay, forcing the reader to dwell
With his sinners, entrap’t in their own private hell;
Tortuously working on their own salvation,
Heaven bound, or to eternal damnation.
Often, perhaps, in these modern days,
Reason may bid us to change our ways.
Never stoop to revenge on your fellow man;
Ever be mindful of Providence’s plan.

		28 February 1974

Ye Gods! Forty-one years ago!


That's really neat. I love it. As I do Hester (more than little Pearl, who unfortunately talks like an adult). You are right-- Nathaniel Hawthorne is a great American author, one of the very best. My favorite scene is where a young lady who is a devoted member of Arthur's parish approaches him after he has just been in the woods with Hester. He has been changed by this meeting in the woods. This is when Hester lets her hair down. The young woman expects pious advice but rather receives a stream of obscenities from Arthur! One should interpret this for oneself, but I think it very true to the human nature in all of us.


I haven't thought of Hawthorne for years. Somewhere in my cluttered library is my copy of his collected works. I'll have to see if I can't find it.
* I'm seventy-eight and my lumber-room of a mind is as cluttered as my library (if not more so).
* When my kids were little, I read to them a lot, including bedtime stories. They heard all of Moby Dick, some Hawthorne, Lots of Mark Twain, Kipling (The Man Who Would be King, several times), Orwell, London, and the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings (three or four times), Dana's Two years Before the Mast, lots of Heinlein, Asimov, etc.
* Despite this, they both turned out to be very talented writers and artists. :wink: