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The South Dakota Legislature Has Invented a New Legal Term to Target Pipeline Protesters

The South Dakota Legislature Has Invented a New Legal Term to Target Pipeline Protesters

Andrew Malone, Vera Eidelman
The government of South Dakota has made it very clear that it does not like people who protest the Keystone XL pipeline.

Since we seem to be on the subject of the Bill of Rights and judicial rulings, This issue of pipeline protesters being charged under law for exercising their right to free speech is another onslaught to ALL of the peoples’ rights, as well as our right for redress.

We have NEVER had a democracy of, by, and for the people. And that was never the intention of the “founding fathers” that composed the Constitution in secret, behind locked and guarded doors. The Bill of Rights was forced by the colonists to be added or they were NOT going to ratify the Constitution. The “founding fathers” never intended a democracy, but were forced to a least give the people a bill of rights to their damn Constitution that only protects the property (slaves included) of the 1%.

Now, it is clear that the 1% has been keen on stripping the people of all of their rights in the Bill of Rights. It’s been a long fight, but the 1% are almost done getting every right taken away in law from the people.

Is it time yet for the people to rise up again and revolt?


Just to clarify the record, the US Constitution became effective on March 4, 1789.

The Bill of Rights was enacted two plus years later on December 15, 1791 and its component parts are appropriately denoted as amendments to the Constitution.

repubs are marching us all back to feudalism. i don’t see any way out but the vote. if we as citizens don’t change the direction they want us to go then we’ll get to see the death of life on earth.

greed is an addiction. we need to be the cure. tax greed out of existence.

I think a reason why the repubs are chancing the breaking of laws, norms, and constitutional precedent is because they see the writing on the wall. They won’t be in power much longer, and that will be the case for a time to come. They are getting what they can for themselves because they know that one way or another they will have to share it some day.

Oh South Dakota, oh LOL, LOL, LOL I have to laugh out loud. WHY. LOL----because this is your state motto: " Under God, the People rule." Oooh–it sounds like you aren’t following Gd at all-----but SATAN!!! : )

Oh my, South Dakota ---- since you are disappearing Amendment One and the right
to free speech and to peacefully assemble, and to have a free press report on this-------you, South Dakota are obviously domestic terrorists seeking to tear down the Constitution!

CALL OUT THE MARINES—for this South Dakota is certainly swimming in a sea of nebulous shit… O.K. make that ---- MERDE( it sounds better in French) : )


More likely they are intent on creating a new set of laws once they have finished dismantling the last vestiges of the old legislative state.
The superior numbers of the people are not the threat it once was, and the oligarchy the duopoly ultimately serve see a chance to ensure their “superiority” for all time.

When it comes to civil rights (human rights) there are no OUTsiders.

“oustide agitators” if anyone is outside agitators its the petroleum industry trying to build KXL. That oil doesn’t come from South Dakota. Its not going to a destination in South Dakota. Its not even being financed by a South Dakota company! Also, its not going to be used exclusively by people in South Dakota. What a bunch of nonsense.