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The South is Rising Again

The South is Rising Again

Jim Hightower

In the past year, we've seen a burst of audacious political assertiveness coming out of Old Dixie, and I'm not talking about those Trumpeteering, tiki-torch-brandishing, tinhorn KKKers the media focuses on. The real story is that a fresh, "Reclaim the South" movement of young African-American populists is emerging, kindling long-suppressed hope in the racially scarred Deep South and offering the possibility of real economic and cultural progress.


It’s always good to hear from Jim Hightower! Unabashedly Progressive, with a wicked sense of humor, he is living proof that there is still intelligent life in Texas. I sure do miss Molly Ivins!


Jim Hightower speaks to the heart of the issue that confronts “progressives” and all America in the “age of trump” as usual.

The phony narrative of DINO corporate-whore Clinton-wing Dems cost America the last three elections when “progressives with a full-throated populist (progressive) message (Medicare for All, a $15 minimum wage, corporate money out of politics, etc.) can win nearly anywhere” as Bernie Sanders showed! “The assertion by establishment Dems (echoed by corporate media) that progressive populism is not a winner is — in two words — bovine excrement”!

The destructive consequences of the last electoral loss (as well as previous Obama mid-terms) by those "status-quo DINO’s are still confronting American-progressive issues and candidates as the Democratic Party establishment (aka Clinton wing) is still in power, still refuses to reform or empower/support progressive issues and candidates! That reality is still Bovine Excrement!

DINO Clinton sycophants and pathetically failed “strategy” including Clinton’s “Southern Firewall” was a cynical extension of both Hill & Bill Clinton using Black issues for votes but not delivering or really fighting for issues that primarily impact African-Americans; expecting their (and others) support for national “Democrats” (aka corporate DINO wing) but instead serving big-money/banker/wall street clients & campaign-contributors.

That “firewall” scam was used during the primary process to snatch the Dem nomination from Bernie Sanders, knowing that those same “firewall” states were all but locked-up in the electoral College for trump, NOT Clinton! Arrogance and self-interested ambition ahead of national interests, party, and people, especially people of color!

The truth of that self-interest was proven in the election of the odious donald trump and his right-wing wrecking crew. Polls during the primaries showed Sanders beating trump in many “toss-up” states by double-digits!

The point of this post-mortem is that the progressive.Sanders wing and issues enjoyed wide support then and NOW, but the Dem Party establishment mechanism will not alter course, reform or support that base! The DINO Clinton wing would rather lose than win with the strong progressive/left base, candidates, issues America is starving for! They are THAT corrupt and complicit to business as usual!



This is more evidence that cities are moving left while rural areas are moving right. In all regions of the country the cities and close suburbs seem to be Democratic strongholds while Republicans are dominant in rural areas. We are becoming two Americas and it is getting very dangerous. Somehow we need to unite into one America. Trump is doing everything he can to divide the country. The upcoming election could be critical for determining whether or not the US can hold together.

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But there was a second firewall in the Northeast. New York, Maryland? Deleware? Conneticut? Sanders came into the “northeast firewall” with considerable momentum having won several western states in a row but the northeast firewall held for Clinton. She wan all those states n the general election except for Pennsylvania. The firewalls were not a scam. They consisted of states that had a lot of minorities. Sanders was winning states with populations that were predominately white. It was simply demographics. Throughout the entire primary Clinton won the diverse states while Sanders one won the mostly white states. There were very few exceptions to that throughout.

the new south is in the hands of minorities. Could not be happier!


You’ve misrepresented or ignored my points and the facts, it being that states known to be lost to Clinton in the general were used to take the nomination away from Sanders who stood a far better chance of defeating trump than Clinton, who was, and remains a hated and despised politician, rightly or wrongly.

The so-called 'second firewall" of your imagination was only relevant to cement Clinton’s primary usurpation, but did not count in the final tally and trumps ascension…“simple” indeed. The truth is that the Sanders coalition would have won all the Clinton states PLUS what you call the “primarily white”!

Claiming that Sanders won “white” states and Clinton won “diverse” states carries a smarmy implication that has no force or relevance in my thesis; your implication that Sanders would not have won the “diverse” as well as predominantly “white” is rubbish. Your meaning is to defend the utterly failed and corrupt DINO establishment of both Clinton’s and Obama, none of whom built even the slightest strong democratic progressive base to actually win elections - they did exactly the opposite!! Their failure to build such a base amounts to complicity to the odious trump’s “win” and all that follows…


Yes, it’s funny how corporate/identity driven democrats can’t seem to let go of the “Bernie only appeals to Whites” narrative despite the mountain of evidence to the contrary. Clinton supporters seem to have more trouble discerning real news from fake than Trump voters. You just have to laugh.


To quote from the MC5’s American Ruse: "But I can see the chickens coming home to roost/ People everywhere are gonna cook their goose/…Because everybody’s sick of the American ruse."
It’s about time and thank you Mr. Hightower for letting us know what’s happening elsewhere in the country; taking our country back city by city; state by state.


I live in the deep south, so I welcome this news. Is it a giant leap, no, but it is a step in the right direction.
Sad to see so many negative comments on this subject.
Thanks Mr. Hightower, for the good news.


You do not answer my responses such as this one, or questions, or evidence; why? Does your limited program not allow it or fit?

Yes, Jim Hightower tells it like it is in an intelligent no frills manor.

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The New South? Now, let’s not get too giddy. The tiki torch carriers and confederate flag wearers are still there- and always will be. Still… it’s nice to hear some encouragement for a change such as the recent election results in Alabama. As the Who sang “We won’t get fooled again.”


Hey, I saw the MC5!

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The state of Florida political leadership has been controlled by evil Republicans mostly for the past and present 30+ years. That after a 100 year run of Democratic leadership. When I was young this was a poor state, now it has become a big shithole of never-ending expansion and yankees who think they know it all.

The DNC doesn’t agree with this populism.

The sure mark of a shill or troll pushing propaganda or extreme slanted point of view on usually only a few subjects, or political issue, is not responding to arguments or info that challenge their obviously slanted posts - to not answering questions or providing linked evidence for their assertions when challenged!