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The Spectre of 'Pre-Emptive' War


The Spectre of 'Pre-Emptive' War

Larry Beinhart

US President Donald Trump proclaims apocalypse. "They will be met with fire, fury and frankly power the likes of which this world has never seen before." At his New Jersey golf club, he proclaimed again, "If anything, maybe that statement wasn't tough enough."

In doing so, he raises the spectre of war.


Well, this is two reasons for no more wars.

Hashimoto San put together this map of the testing and use of nuclear weapons from 1945 through 1998. Use full screen when watching.
No more wars! We’ve had enough, the world has had too many!


One of my favorite quotes on the subject: “We must end war before war ends us.” JFK

So simple an idea but it appears not enough us really give a damn because it goes on and on…and it is debatable whether real progress has been made since he spoke those words but those of us who do care must never give up. I count myself fortunate, in terms of peace of mind, to have a rock solid belief, born of 60+ years of sometimes agonizingly open-minded consideration, in an eternal creator which will, must intervene…"…for if those days had not been shortened no flesh would be saved".


To paraphrase JFK’s statement for modern times, that: “we must end war before war ends us”.

We must eliminate Trump before he eliminates us all!


As much as I might wish Donald Trump was the problem, he’s not. Getting rid of him will not change the balance of power in Washington. Endless trillion dollar military expenditures will continue, regardless of which Party comes into power or who is president. Given our perennial investment in global aggression, it should not come as a surprise who has finally come to power. Call it the Deep State, call it the Military Industrial Complex or whatever, we are firmly in its grip. Trump is a mere buffoon, a useless, ineffectual idiot. The war machine is not distracted. It does not care about him, or about people in general–local or distant. Projecting power, aggression, war, hegemony, these are its interests, and it controls all the assets necessary to carry on. So, carry on it will. Neither presidential morons, nor racists, nor a handful of Nazis will make any difference. Neither will their philosophical opposites. If at anytime in the future, however, any of these groups come into conflict with our “national security”, they will be eliminated.