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The Spirit of 1968 Is Inextinguishable —Even 50 Years Later


The Spirit of 1968 Is Inextinguishable —Even 50 Years Later

Hilary Wainwright

Capitalist adventurer Richard Branson and cultural and political rebel Tariq Ali were both shaped by the experiences of 1968 – and, significantly, the years that preceded and followed it. These rebellious years shaped a generation but produced ways of thinking that, in retrospect, have turned out to be complex and ambivalent.


Did the writer ever get to an actual point? I made it about a third of the way before I had to give up.


You are a brave soul Dan, I didn’t make it passed 2 paragraphs. In 68 I was 17 and in the street. Times have changed.


Disagree with this article, the spirit of 1968 has been extinguished, Occupy Wall Street should have proven that.
It’s now illegal to protest in the USA.


!968 California was my home and I have been caring for neighborhood inventions from that period

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Correction: The battle of Seattle was 1999, not 1998 as the author alleges.


The Spirit of 1968 extinguished:


Well, there certainly were protests with the March on our lives, and that is a big one. However, other than that and the women’s Me too movements- where are the people?


The women’s movement continues to depend on the availability of birth control.


Not extinguished. Discouraged. Demoralized. Denigrated. But still alive, like a volcano bubbling below the surface unnoticed.


What a strange meandering.
I was craving for some light on the vicious suppression of the spirit by neo liberals and pseudo fascists, and the co opting of the explorations of the movement by opportunistic hedonists such as sex fanatics and repentant Christians.