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The Sport of Plutocrats


The Sport of Plutocrats

Robert Lipsyte

While waiting for Trump to jump the tracks, let’s savor the day when his inevitable train wreck first passed through a critical safety switch. On June 9th, President Trump alienated his true base -- the reactionary rich -- by driving his golf cart onto the green at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey. In doing so, he committed an unpardonable sacrilege in the high church of capitalism.


Dumpy Donald understands the game of Golf. It may be the only thing he can be said to be good at.

I too have been bitten by the attraction to the little white ball in this Elitist sport. I once shot a round of 62 for 18 holes.

On Playstation.

When Mr. Mueller digs up enough illegal dirt on the “Criminal-in-Chief”, perhaps Dumpy Donald can gain much popularity in prison as the favorite to the most aggressive inmates in the showers.

There, he can be praised as the “Best Ball Boy” by washing all of the “balls”, and polishing everybody’s “clubs.”


Excellent article Robert Lipsyte----thank you.


I subscribe to Mark Twain’s view.

Golf - a good walk ruined



Yup. There was a reason why golf courses were outlawed in what was the Russian empire, by popular acclaim, 99 years and 10 months ago. Fuck golf… and the martinis those capitalist plutocrats drink in the clubhouse afterward too.


I admittedly like playing golf itself but I do hate the elitist mindset it has. With how expensive it is just to play a simple game and a sort of disdain for people of poverty like myself. Of course you could say many of these same arguments about many sports, they like to focus of the machismo male culture. Just another perverted aspect of western culture.


Whew !! Close one !!
For a minute there I thought that Mr. Lipsyte was going to go after sailing !!


Check out disc golf.


The Mango Mussolini should be locked out to pasture on one of his bankrupt golf courses. No one could tell him apart from the rest of the Crony Capitalist cows.:ox::ox::ox::pig2::ox::ox::ox:. “Oh, there he is! Right in the middle!”


Golf: easy to flog, tough to play.


When I saw the headline I thought you were talking about the NFL, which is owned and run by plutocrats for the benefit of plutocrats.