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‘The Squad’ Keeps the Focus on Bold, Inequality-Busting Policies

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/22/squad-keeps-focus-bold-inequality-busting-policies

This article illustrates the biggest problem with our two-party farce. Because the duopoly retains power through “party unity,” the constituents in left-leaning districts like those represented by The Squad get corporate-friendly crumbs instead of legislation that actually solves problems, no matter how hard they fight for those who elected them.

I mean, damn: Nancy P singled The Squad out for criticism after they did precisely what their districts wanted – vote against Trump-friendly immigration spending. And after they were singled out, The Squad turned out to be correct: Nancy mishandled the entire process and in the end, the funding bill passed in Nancy’s House with more Repub votes than Democrat. Even Chuck Schumer said so, and I’m going to continue linking to that story because it’s an important commentary on Nancy’s ineptitude and Blue Dog-first corruption:


These women are exactly what we need in congress. Of course, TPTB are incensed at their ‘truth to power’ methodology, and will try to keep them out of the limelight. Not a chance with these ladies! They will not be marginalized, and their skill with social media means that the MSM can ignore them all they want - their message still gets out there. I’m very proud of these true leaders.


Intelligent hard working women will be turning the Ole White Govies in their grave and me thinks that “el bano de sucia boca” will have his words turned against him.

(“el boca” = the dirty toilet mouth" my very own made-up thingy)

The SQUAD is perfect for the 21st century America! Four ladies from different backgrounds and experiences come together and make SENSE for a 21st century nation.
The Donald is from a time that acts as if it’s the day after the end of WW 2 and all is right with the world. A LOT is wrong with the world, where both greed and hubris is the wrong language for the wrong time.
The U.S. was once a world leader----but now I think we are more a nation of bullies—a nation is best for all when citizens can rise together, and the children of the future can believe that they will have a future.
I like the idea of the SQUAD… a foursome like the square where all side are equal! : )

You really have to ask yourself, what exactly is President “Tiny Hands” so afraid of, from the “Squad”

Too bad Pressley opposes Americans’ right to boycott Israel.

What’s bold or inequality-busting about voting against civil rights?