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The Squad Was Right About Trump Impeachment

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/23/squad-was-right-about-trump-impeachment

It would have been terrific if democrats had won the senate, house and white house in 2020. BUT THEY DID NOT DO IT !!

part deuce

Young peoples recognized the D.C. stench of unrestrained ego, influence peddling, lobbyists having more power using dollar donations than citizens. So they stepped away. Raised right by family, educations and churches - they said phooey. We ain’t playin that game of tweedle dee and tweedle dumber.

Now, America has to struggle to survive until this group takes power.

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Make Pelosi and Schumer an offer they can’t refuse.


The Squad was also correct when they protested Pelosi’s trump-friendly border crisis bill.

In response, Pelosi castigated The Squad as just four votes. As the bill made its way through the negotiation process, Pelosi ended up looking like an idiot – Mitch McC’s Senate version of the bill passed in Nancy’s House on the strength of Republican votes, while the majority of Nancy’s d-party caucus followed The Squad’s lead in voting against it. Even the execrable Chuck Schumer admitted that Pelosi blundered. Meanwhile, The Squad does what it was elected to do: Represent the hell out of liberal districts. I just saw a local public TV feature on Rashida Tlaib – impressive, unapologetic, ultra-focused on her constituents, right on!:



Pelosi has been swimming in the swamp too long. Time to put her into some clean water.


Pelosi’s entire career hinges on helping Blue Dogs keep their seats so she can remain Speaker.

Self-preservation isn’t just a Pelosi thing – but she’s turned the practice into a low brow art form.

Thus, her every move is dictated by whatever the polls in swing districts tell her.


But they did in 2008, and what good did that do us?


A real leader…not!

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God Bless America anyway, please, and keep us safe.

Sorry James, you don’t get off that easy here at CD, explain what you think is false please. Are you denying Trump has broken the law and subverted the constitution? Also you might want to drop the “God Bless America” meme in the future here too, just a suggestion.