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The Staggering Frontrunner Status of Clueless and Shameless Joe Biden

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/20/staggering-frontrunner-status-clueless-and-shameless-joe-biden


Joe’s base of old, white people cannot match Trump’s broader base of old, white people.


Good old Joe, something for you to realize, Joe, your time in the spotlight has come and gone! Now is the time, Joe, to just accept that, retire and enjoy whats left!


Joe, and the rest of Clintons base inside the dem party need to be told everyday to leave the party, and embrace their real party on the far right. Why are people being civil to these DINO’s who have destroyed the party of FDR? Stop making it comfortable for them, be rude, be ugly, and tell them to get the F~#K OUT. Their embrace of neo-liberal policies are killing our fellow citizens, stop being nice or respectful, get in their face, make them want to leave the party.


Solomon sez:
“… Biden keeps saying that a good future can stem from finding common ground with Republicans.”

If Frontrunner Joe™ steps onto “common ground” with Mitch McConnell, he will find himself astride a putrefying, toxic dunghill. Probably with a shiv between the ribs, for good measure.


Just call me ‘spooner’. All I see when a pic of this cat comes up is : Runt Funner.
Hey Boe Jibin’… this Ray is for you


On women one addition needs to be made which goes beyond condescending paternalism: That is his appalling handling of the testimony of Anita Hill against the sexual harasser Clarence Thomas for Supreme Court; which scuttled the validity of what she was exposing. Then decades later he had the self interested gaul to apologize to her right after he announced for POTUS. She was not interested, it just made her mad and insulted again.


Joe is one of the stop Bernie candidates. The trouble with the DNC is they are running against both Trump and Bernie Sanders, a losing prescription. The DNC is a bunch of unpatriotic slime balls who care only for their status and perks and nothing for the country. They have all the personal integrity of the Wall Street banksters.


I occasionally go onto the despicable Democratic Underground to see what dishonesty currently prevails.

The only discussion of Biden relates to the fact that Pelosi has come to his defense.

Amazing. She could not defend Omar, Tlaib, Ocasio Cortez. Nope.

But she gladly inteferes on Biden’s behalf.

There’s neutrality for you. There’s the future for you.


Totally agree, but you must know that Pelosi has come to Biden’s defense today. We know the game plan.


I trust Biden to sabotage his own campaign by just continuing to be totally out of touch and an asshole. That doesn’t mean the deeply corrupt DNC won’t saddle us with him as the nominee, but blowback on that is already happening, Given how early they’ve started our election circus, there is more than ample time for the country to watch and be disgusted. While I won’t speculate as to who will be our next president, I’d bet money that it won’t be Biden.


Well said! One would think the corrupt DNC is on the payroll of the Trump campaign!


I think I’d take that bet. Each successive election gets more and more rigged. We’re familiar with how the DNC runs things, with no regard for democratic principles, or even self-preservation. The PTB gets to pick around here, and if they’ve got reasons to pick Biden, that’s who we’ll get.


Look closely and you’ll see Daddy Warbucks’ signature on both their paychecks.


Oh you’re right about the game plan, a plan I believe was secretly put in place after the “Sanders” scare of 2016, even before the DNC rule changes later.


Both bad.

Let’s all just call him, "Hillary Jr.- 2020."


I thought you knew, Shanti.

Democrats and Republicans only pretend to be at odds with each other, for the sake of the 95 to 97% of the sheeple that vote every time for both of them.

If they truly opposed each other’s excesses, the real war would be in Washington DC.

The horrific actions they take would be ceased immediately and people would be arrested and jailed.

Collusion, Complicity, Conspiracy are all alive and well in this devious, deceptive, and destructive Duopoly.


My point is, even if he is the nominee, he won’t be president. How many of us on this site would vote for him? He is as unelectable as Hillary was.


Some of us Curmudgeonly Caucasians are disgusted by both Bye-Done and Tweetle-Dumb . . .